Terrific tea tasting

The terrific tea tasting challenge involves me trying out 25 different types of tea. My relationship with tea thus far has been limited. I really didn’t enjoy much in the way of hot beverages until I reached adulthood and even then it was limited to bog standard milk and no sugar tea. Now I’m ready to experience all the flavours, and boy, are there a lot of flavours!

1. Apple & ginger

My initial thoughts were that the liquorice taste did come through more than I would have liked but I didn’t find it as off-putting as I do liquorice in its sweet-based form. The taste was clear and more savoury than I had imagined, and it didn’t leave me with any kind of aftertaste.

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2. Morning time

It was quite a soft initial flavour, but leaves you with a bit of a kick as it goes down. I quite enjoyed it – I’ve had three cups at this point – but I’m a bit unhappy with how much sediment is left at the bottom. I know it’s part of the experience but it freaks me out a little bit.

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3. Pure peppermint

It was actually much nicer than I had expected. I found the tea itself didn’t really taste of anything, but it had a great peppermint smell and left a lovely fresh feeling in my mouth. It was more of an aftertaste than an initial hit to the tastebuds, but I found it suprisingly nice and refreshing.

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4. Pure camomile

I was put off almost immediately, I didn’t really like the scent it gave off as it was brewing. Also, the bag and resulting tea were so yellow! I struggle with yellow things. I tried a sip or two, but it really wasn’t for me.

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5. Nettle & sweet fennel

I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the flavour of the tea.It took only a moment to get used to the liquorice flavours, and I’m not sure that nettle has so much of a taste really? It felt very refreshing, like the peppermint tea, although with slightly less kick.

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6. Raspberry leaf

It was quite bland, really, it certainly didn’t taste as strongly of the berries as I had thought it would. There was no lingering aftertaste, though, which is something I look for in a tea. I think it’s a taste I could get used to but I’m not sure it would be popular around the house.

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7. Detox

I’ve never really done a detox so I don’t know what they’re like, but this tea does have a clean feeling about it that I imagine would work very well for anyone embarking on such a thing. This was an excellent tea to restart my tasting adventure on. Top marks.

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