Published December 10, 2010


Film info

  • Title Primeval
  • Director Michael Katleman
  • Year 2007
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genre Adventure
  • Tagline Inspired by the true story of the most prolific serial killer in history

An American news crew travels to one of the most remote locations on the planet in hopes of capturing the savage serial killer rumoured to have claimed over 300 lives in this white knuckle horror thriller starring Dominic Purcell and Orlando Jones, and based on actual events. As the intrepid documentarians cautiously make their way up river, they soon find that the brutality inflicted on man by his own kind pales in comparison to the relentless viciousness of mother nature's most resilient predator.

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:15 Uh oh. True events and killer crocodiles. I’m concerned.
2:23 Aaand fast moving camera work makes me dizzy.
3:27 They named the killer crocodile Gustave? That doesn’t seem so scary. Isn’t the guy from Beauty and the Beast called Gustav?
4:13 Another unique way of continuing the story through the credits. I like it.
6:46 If you ever need a reason not to be a news journalist, it’s the possibility of being sent to a war zone in search of a man-eating crocodile.
9:22 I bet you a tenner the cameraman doesn’t make the end of the film.
11:42 Crocodiles can grow indefinitely? Yikes.
15:05 Good lord, they’ve been there five minutes and they are already being shot at.
15:55 It is quite beautiful though.
19:24 Why would you be so keen on keeping the croc alive? It’s a KILLER.
21:22 First reference to Jaws.
25:40 I don’t think you should say “I’m allergic to mumbo jumbo” right there in front of them all.
32:53 It’s quite Jurassic Park to use a goat as bait.
42:49 It moves very fast for an enormous beast.
43:19 Still the cage seems to be holding up for now. I say FOR NOW.
47:23 What the… oh for a moment I forgot crocodiles could go on land. Confused with Jaws.
48:31 He can’t possibly still want to stay. He must have an ulterior motive.
51:23 Aviva is a weird name, isn’t it?
55:01 That’s just like Jaws. The only way to kill these animals is to blow them up.
55:29 …or not.
58:59 Would the helicopter attract of detract the croc, I wonder. We’ll never know now.
1:01:44 Was that another bazooka? If it was, I’m going to be really mad.
1:02:46 SNAKE!
1:03:49 Oooh, I like that death by tree.
1:06:04 From an actors point of view, running around in the wet and mud must be draining.
1:07:45 Is this when I make my ten pounds? Did anyone take that bet? Anyone?
1:15:59 What are the chances of little Gustave being eaten by big Gustave?
1:18:30 I feel bad now. I don’t want that tenner.
1:23:24 I can’t work out if that is a good or bad advert for Range Rover.
1:24:23 Are dogs just allowed to ride on your lap in a plane like that?


This was an iPlayer one that I had never heard of but it looked nice and modern, nice and short, and would fill a little gap in my day. The cast didn’t exactly sell it to me as I haven’t heard of any of them, but I wouldn’t let that stop me!

This really wasn’t a very good film at all, but I do have to give it props for not being completely and utterly predictable. It wasn’t all about the big giant crocodile, there was a lot of human vs human angst going on as well, and the added problem of the killer croc was just there to make things that much harder. I can’t say I would recommend this onwards but it was a good way to spend 90 minutes.

Rating: 3 / 5

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