The Usual Suspects

Published December 10, 2010

The Usual Suspects

Film info

  • Title The Usual Suspects
  • Directors
  • Year 1995
  • Run time
  • Genres
  • Tagline Five criminals, one line up, no coincidence

Fast Facts

Title: The Usual Suspects Director: Bryan Singer Year: 1995 Run time: 1hr 46

Background Info

This is one of those films that people recommended, and I know a lot of people have enjoyed. It always concerns me a little when I watch these films now, because if I don’t like it, I tend to disappoint a lot of people. I’d only ever seen the line-up clip on countdown shows and the like, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Live Blog

****00:06:06 - These must be the usual suspects. 00:09:25 - It’s all about where you put the emphasis. 00:10:08 - There’s always one crazy one - or have I just watched The A-Team? 00:14:43 - I get that a lot too. People being sarcastic and saying I’m so noisy when I haven’t said a word. 00:15:46 - That’s a very strange Irish accent. Comes and goes. 00:20:49 - It’s funny to see someone smoking in a hospital, let alone be told he can’t go into the burns unit with a cigarette. 00:21:53 - Also, he’s allowed to use a mobile phone too! 00:23:12 - This guy actually does talk too much. I suppose perhaps I do too sometimes. 00:25:49 - I don’t like coffee, but I bet it is good right off the trees. 00:28:30 - I hope that woman isn’t going to get in the way. **00:30:10 **- It’s nice to see someone get punched and be in proper pain about it. 00:34:40 - All you need to take down the police is three vans and some stocking over your head.** **00:39:59 - Bit confused about the Keaton being dead for two years bit. 00:41:45 - Ah, they explained it. You just gotta be patient. 00:42:53 - Kobayashi!** **00:44:24 - What do I recognise that guy from? (lots of things) 00:46:12 - It only takes one day of nagging to get Mr C to do stuff too. 00:47:46 - That is a goood shot. He’s like a modern day Robin Hood. Erm, in shooting terms, anyway. Not in doing good for the poor and stuff. 00:53:49 - There are a lot of weirdo accents in this film.** **00:55:17 - “One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.”** **00:58:15 - They know everything about them. It’s like LOST.** **01:04:20 - They need to use him as bait then. 01:05:23 - I’m slightly glad that he’s out the picture, as I couldn’t understand a word he said.** **01:11:34 - He can walk pretty fast for someone with a borked leg. 01:12:58 - I knew the woman would get in the way, they always do. **01:19:53 - **That’s quite the explosion. **01:28:22 **- Is that guy important? Why were they keeping him locked away? **01:32:25 **- That’s an even bigger explosion! 01:35:11 - That seems like a lot of fuss to kill one man. 01:42:12 - Ooh, I love the twist, but my previous note still stands. Lot of fuss for one guy, and he still left someone who recognises him alive after all that.** **


It wasn’t scary in the end because it was good! Phew. I can’t say I liked all of the characters, and there were a few of them I could barely understand anyways, but Kevin Spacey was excellent as per usual. The story was good and fascinating, but as you might have gathered from above, I was slightly bemused by the ending. The twist and then double twist was excellent, but after that it didn’t quite add up. Nevertheless, it was good stuff.

Rating: 45

Rating: Unrated

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