The Usual Suspects

Published December 10, 2010

The Usual Suspects

Film info

  • Title The Usual Suspects
  • Director Bryan Singer
  • Year 1995
  • Run time 1hr 46m
  • Genres Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • Tagline Five criminals, one line up, no coincidence

A gruesome scene is left at a pier in San Pedro, south of Los Angeles. Twenty-seven dead bodies. A burned-out ship smoldering in the harbor. An FBI agent assesses the carnage and learns of two survivors: one in the hospital, the other a cripple from New York being held in the DA's office. He heads to the hospital in search of answers.

Live Blog

Time Comment
6:06 These must be the usual suspects.
9:25 It’s all about where you put the emphasis.
10:08 There’s always one crazy one - or have I just watched The A-Team?
14:43 I get that a lot too. People being sarcastic and saying I’m so noisy when I haven’t said a word.
15:46 That’s a very strange Irish accent. Comes and goes.
20:49 It’s funny to see someone smoking in a hospital, let alone be told he can’t go into the burns unit with a cigarette.
21:53 Also, he’s allowed to use a mobile phone too!
23:12 This guy actually does talk too much. I suppose perhaps I do too sometimes.
25:49 I don’t like coffee, but I bet it is good right off the trees.
28:30 I hope that woman isn’t going to get in the way.
30:10 It’s nice to see someone get punched and be in proper pain about it.
34:40 All you need to take down the police is three vans and some stocking over your head.
39:59 Bit confused about the Keaton being dead for two years bit.
41:45 Ah, they explained it. You just gotta be patient.
42:53 Kobayashi!
44:24 What do I recognise that guy from? (lots of things)
46:12 It only takes one day of nagging to get Mr C to do stuff too.
47:46 That is a goood shot. He’s like a modern day Robin Hood. Erm, in shooting terms, anyway. Not in doing good for the poor and stuff.
53:49 There are a lot of weirdo accents in this film.
55:17 “One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.”
58:15  They know everything about them. It’s like LOST.
1:04:20 They need to use him as bait then.
1:05:23 I’m slightly glad that he’s out the picture, as I couldn’t understand a word he said.
1:11:34 He can walk pretty fast for someone with a borked leg.
1:12:58 I knew the woman would get in the way, they always do.
1:19:53 That’s quite the explosion.
1:28:22 Is that guy important? Why were they keeping him locked away?
1:32:25 That’s an even bigger explosion!
1:35:11 That seems like a lot of fuss to kill one man.
1:42:12 Ooh, I love the twist, but my previous note still stands. Lot of fuss for one guy, and he still left someone who recognises him alive after all that.


This is one of those films that people recommended, and I know a lot of people have enjoyed. It always concerns me a little when I watch these films now, because if I don’t like it, I tend to disappoint a lot of people. I’d only ever seen the line-up clip on countdown shows and the like, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

It wasn’t scary in the end because it was good! Phew. I can’t say I liked all of the characters, and there were a few of them I could barely understand anyways, but Kevin Spacey was excellent as per usual. The story was good and fascinating, but as you might have gathered from above, I was slightly bemused by the ending. The twist and then double twist was excellent, but after that it didn’t quite add up. Nevertheless, it was good stuff.

Rating: 4 / 5

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