Published September 5, 2019


Film info

  • Title Hairspray
  • Director Adam Shankman
  • Year 2007
  • Run time 1hr 51m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy, Drama
  • Tagline When you follow your own beat, the world will follow you

It's 1962 and change is in the air in Baltimore. Tracy Turnblad, a girl with big hair and big dreams has only one passion in life - to dance on The Corny Collins Show. When her chance arrives she grooves her way into instant stardom and the eyes of teen dream Link Larkin. But Tracy will need the help of her best friend Penny, her big-hearted mother and sassy co-host Motormouth Maybelle to show the world that all it takes to make one dream come true is a toe-tappin' beat and a little hairspray!

Live blog

Time Comment
1:51 I don’t think I’ve ever actually used hairspray except maybe a stage situation.
5:44 Inappropriate hair height.
7:23 Walken is in this?? What??
9:16 Loving that Link is an ‘and’ in the roll call. The most famous one.
10:18 Why is John Travolta talking like Dr Evil?
15:52 They are not a united parenting front, but I like it.
27:15 I’d forgotten the songs are good in this. But I do love the Grease-style 50s/60s stuff.
33:15 Big little girl.
43:24 As a launderette person, she should know just how impractical those sparkly dresses are.
46:18 Link’s a little winker.
51:18 Not sure how people can’t see that Maybelle’s place is so much better than anywhere else?
54:05 No one goes out and leaves their iron on.
58:22 “If we can’t dance, maybe we can march.”
1:03:33 A bed of whoopee cushions.
1:10:51 Well, Walken and Travolta singing with each other will stay with me for a while.
1:14:48 TV is black and white.
1:20:18 “Come on in and worry with us.”
1:24:55 “You two better brace yourselves from a whole lotta ugly coming from a never-ending parade of stupid.”
1:35:21 Janney stealing the show as always.


I didn’t know much about Hairspray before seeing the live version in 2016, and since then have also seen it in the theatre. I thought it was about time we saw the musical film version because, my god, what a cast! Every single person is a huge name and together it becomes a melting pot of talent. In fact, the only person that doesn’t really work for me is John Travolta. And that’s not because he’s not brilliant, but I didn’t like his Dr Evil take on the mum.

I picked out more of the story than I did when seeing it live, which is good, and some of the more emotional bits where, well, more emotional. All in all it was a great and entertaining watch - a very good adaptation of the stage musical.

Rating: 4 / 5

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