Mrs. Doubtfire

Published December 6, 2010

Mrs. Doubtfire

Film info

  • Title Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Director Chris Columbus
  • Year 1993
  • Run time 2hrs 5m
  • Genres Comedy, Family, Drama
  • Tagline She's a blessing... in disguise

After Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams), an unemployed actor, loses custody of his three children to his ex-wife (Sally Field), he realizes that seeing his kids once a week just isn’t enough. So the crafty thespian dresses as Mrs. Doubtfire, an elderly British nanny with a sharp tongue and an endearing way with children, in order to be close to his kids in this bright, heartwarming comedy.

Live Blog

0:15Ooh, I remember! This may be the best opening to a film ever. Figaro!
1:38Julia Child! Who knew she was mentioned so often?
1:53Is it normal for cartoons to be voiced all by one person all in one go? How do they chop and change?
6:26Aww, Sally Field.
7:02Jump Around! I love this song. Worrying;y, I think this is where I heard it first.
8:46You sort of have to wonder how they ever got together in the first place.
13:05That guy has a painful voice, but he’s a nice brother to have, I reckon.
14:55If she was so heartbroken at his please, she could grant him more access.
18:13I wish I could do voices.
20:33Pierce! Clearly I’ve forgotten all the people in this film.
26:59It would make a lot more sense for him to look after the kids than her paying someone else, no matter how much she hates him.
30:32I am curious how he came up with the idea. I know, I’ll impersonate a woman and get closers to my kids. Hmm.
36:08I feel like they would recognise him.
38:00I love her/him telling off the mother simply through politeness.
39:41If anything is going to give you away, it’s assuming where everything is in the kitchen. I always go to the wrong drawer.
41:13“If I ever find the misogynist who invented heels, I’ll kill him.” I agree.
43:40It’s good they have a mask he can re-use. I always assumed masks for TV were one-time only.
46:57Ugh. First the cake on his face, then dripping into the tea. It’s too gross.
47:53Thinking about it, why does a single man have a big ol' cake in his fridge anyways?
49:00Those kids get on far too well.
54:33 He probably should have started with a less ambitious dish. Spaghetti or something.
1:04:35Hehe, Uncle Frank and Aunt Jack.
1:14:01I bet you any money it wasn’t Pierce who did that dive.
1:20:06He made spaghetti! Told you.
1:39:47Aw, he was always going to get found out but it’s still sad.
1:40:43At some point, he is not going to be able to see his kids every day. They tend to grow up.
1:44:58The girl playing Lydia looks just like Sally Field. Good casting.
1:52:07Bless them all.
1:52:33I’m still not convinced kids would watch a Mrs Doubtfire TV show though.


Mrs Doubtfire is a good ol' family classic, presumably brought out as it is nearing Christmas. I watched this via an actual TV stream, with adverts and everything, which means the timing might go a little wonky at times.

I’d forgotten actually how much I enjoy this film, from the very opening credits. It’s just slightly too sentimental for my tastes, which is why I have knocked a point off, but there is so much good stuff in there, it’s hard to know where to start! The acting is great, and I’m always amazed at how diverse Robin Williams can get. Even Pierce is good, when you see those little moments of him humouring Mrs Doubtfire just so he can get close to the family. The chemistry between them all is good, the relationships believable, even if I do still think they would be able to tell.

Rating: 4 / 5

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