License to Drive

Published August 25, 2019

License to Drive

Film info

  • Title License to Drive
  • Director Greg Beeman
  • Year 1988
  • Run time 1hr 29m
  • Genres Comedy, Family
  • Tagline Some guys get all the brakes

Too embarrassed to tell his pals he failed his driving test, Les (Corey Haim) decides to throw caution to the wind (as 16 year olds are apt to do) and go on with his weekend plans. Not only do his friends, including crazy Dean (Corey Feldman), expect him to transport them around, but he has a date with his dream girl (Heather Graham) and nothing is going to stop him from meeting her. He steals his grandfather's 1972 Cadillac and promises himself that he will get it back without his parent's knowledge. But nothing goes according to plan, and Les is suddenly involved in a nightmare of an evening!

Live blog

Time Comment
0:24 The graphics are SO BAD.
5:43 That’s some explosive dreaming he’s having.
6:12 No one should ever be allowed to say “Mr Anderson” even if it came before.
10:56 “One day soon, it’ll all be over. You’ll go away.”
20:55 The mother is a cheeky little parent.
22:23 Loooook at those computers!!
23:49 That incorrect sound is pretty obnoxious, doesn’t fill you with confidence.
25:22 That’s rubbish, how could they give him a license just because he has a clever sister?
25:55 Yaaaas, James Avery!
35:06 Why would he lie though? Nothing to gain if he wasn’t going to drive.
38:12 Weird time to break the fourth wall but I’ll go with it.
42:27 She’s not very nice to him.
47:20 It Bumblebee’d the heck out of that cassette tape.
52:40 It is surely more dangerous to drive super slowly.
59:03 “Did you ever think in all your life you’d see a Mercedes fit in the trunk of a Cadillac?”
1:09:19 Loving the drunk guy and his limes.
1:12:41 Jeez, he’s going to need more than a rubber hammer for that.
1:21:14 Oh god, driving backwards.
1:24:32 Now at least the construction company has to pay for it.


So, neither of us had ever heard of this film but it had popped into our library via Apple’s 1980s bundle. And then they were promoting it as one of the best teen movies out there, so we figured it was about time we gave it a shot.

It was a weird one. Couldn’t quite place the tone of it, and so many odd things were happening. And I didn’t really get the Les character at all, he was kind of annoying, didn’t have much of a personality, and clearly didn’t want to be a bad kid - either go rogue or don’t kiddo, otherwise don’t waste my time.

Some of the DMV stuff was funny, and the car chases were hilarious - particularly when the fully grown stunt man appeared and was twice the size of the kid he was trying to represent. I wasn’t so keen on what these pervos did with Heather Graham’s unconscious body, but I guess they got their comeuppance.

Entertaining enough but odd and not really recommended.

Rating: 2 / 5

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