Published December 4, 2010


Film info

  • Title Frozen
  • Director Adam Green
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genre Thriller
  • Tagline No one knows you're up there

A typical day on the slopes turns into a chilling nightmare for three thrill-seeking college kids when they get stranded on a chairlift for the last run of the weekend. As the ski patrol switches off the night lights, they realise with growing panic that they've been left behind, dangling one hundred feet off the ground and there's no way down. The trio must battle more than just hypothermia as they make a desperate attempt to get off the mountain.

Live Blog

1:57I’ve never been on one of these ski lift things. Supposedly this is going to put me off forever.
4:14So they’re blagging free rides? Already I don’t feel sorry for them.
5:50It must be so rubbish to have a job standing out in the snow watching everyone else have fun.
9:22I have done the third wheel thing. It sucks.
13:21They got off the chair! This film will be over quickly if they keep getting off.
17:51I didn’t know you were allowed to ski in the dark.
19:51I have no sympathy for them now at all. Madness.
24:00It’s weird he’s mentioned being eaten by a shark, as I was just thinking this was like Open Water.
25:39Damn not having seen Return of the Jedi. Although I do know the stomachy bit they mean which is something.
28:19Jumping would definitely be the way out.
29:11Why do they close on Sunday and open on Friday? Do people not ski on weekdays?
34:15Ooh, salvation was so close. But we knew it wasn’t going to work.
39:04Everyone knows you should hang off the thing before you jump to shorten the distance.
41:01That is all kinds of gross, I have to say.
46:33An actual wolf. I wonder if there are bears.
48:40I wonder why ski lifts are so rickety.
51:13That is some great crying/screaming from her.
57:22I can’t understand what she’s saying but I think it’s about a cat. Or a dog.
1:00:51They should write that on the packets. Smoking is bad for you because you might one day lose your glove and get frozen to a pole.
1:10:49 Not such a fan of the soul searching bit, but the dynamic between them is interesting.
1:15:40How is that chair even staying on?
1:19:09She just has to stay up there and not know whether he made it or not?
1:20:15We’ll assume that he didn’t.
1:28:37How do you ever get over something like that though?


I saw the trailer for this one as we were browsing for new films to watch and I instantly knew I would have to see it. Mr C was not so keen (he’s told me off for calling him a wimp, so I won’t do that), so I knew I’d be watching it by myself. I was put off for a while as we’ve had rather chilly weather in the UK recently, and I knew this would just make me feel cold. However, I had a spare 90 minutes, so I was keen to get this one watched.

I just don’t know where to place this film. They say it will do for skiing what Jaws did for swimming, but that’s wrong. The silly people got themselves into the situation by being idiots, so I have no fear that going on a ski lift would see that happen to me. There are so many plot holes that you can’t really buy into it fully, but I have to say that what you could see on screen was good, the reactions and conversations drew you into the predicament, some of the acting was great. Sadly, the story and the situation let it down - why would there be man-eating wolves allowed to scamper around on a ski slope, whether it was open or not? Weird.

I compared it to Open Water as well, but I have to retract that, because the only bit that has stayed with me is her frozen hand to the metal, and that’s only because it was gross. Open Water still haunts me to this day. I should watch that again.

Rating: 2 / 5

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