Destination Wedding

Published August 4, 2019

Destination Wedding

Film info

  • Title Destination Wedding
  • Director Victor Levin
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 26m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy, Drama
  • Tagline Check your baggage

Frank (Keanu Reeves) and Lindsay (Winona Ryder) meet on the way to a romantic vineyard wedding and instantly dislike one another. They are dismayed to learn they have been paired off for the weekend, with adjoining rooms in an intimate bed and breakfast and side-by-side seats at each of the weekend's numerous activities. Forced to tolerate each other for three days of wine tasting, complimentary foot rubs and pointless games, Lindsay and Frank discover that in addition to their need to always get in the last word, they share the same cynical sense of humour. As their constant squabbling evolves into an unexpected alliance, they spend their time trashing the rest of the wedding party, critiquing the bride and groom, and heckling old movies on television.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:19 “You came up alongside me with your jacket and your face and your charm.”
5:36 That IS a small plane.
6:49 “This one does not appear to have a working notch.”
10:31 “If you show up, the worst they can say is you’re horrendous which is subjective, but not showing up is objective.” WOAH.
16:21 I so don’t understand the rehearsal dinner.
17:31 “You’re assuming that you’re normal, which is hilarious.”
23:58 That’s weird, to turn the sound off and it keeps going.
30:46 What the hell activity is this? Bumper cars football? Horrifying.
33:24 Haha, the carrying scene is good. Keanu not being the hero for once.
35:04 “Was she born during the Great Depression?” “She caused it.”
41:22 Do they have scary cats like that in California? Sheesh!
45:55 Loving their clumsiness.
51:54 “Superman couldn’t see through those pyjamas.”
54:35 “Yes, the pyjamas go too far but I applaud the ethos.”
1:03:07 They have intense conversations before bed. Would be hard to sleep after all that.
1:05:26 They just swapped sides and are completely okay with it.
1:11:20 “I was so enjoying the silence.”
1:13:14 Debacleous.
1:21:51 Hope he brought her the Toblerone though.


I really loved this. I can totally understand that this is going to be a film that you either love or hate, but I loved it. It’s just Winona and Keanu bickering for 90 minutes, and it was brilliant. Although at times things got a little bit wordy and it started to feel you were watching a high-brow play, but whenever that happened, one of them would just let slip an insult that brought you right back down to earth.

Otherwise, it was just nice, and quiet, and grounded and real. The sex scene, whilst endless, was so anti-Hollywood that it was refreshing to see on screen. There insults to each other, and then their gradual coming to like each other, was just nice to watch. And it all came to a good and satisfying ending. Pending the Toblerone.

Rating: 5 / 5

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