The Girl on the Train

Published June 16, 2019

The Girl on the Train

Film info

  • Title The Girl on the Train
  • Director Tate Taylor
  • Year 2016
  • Run time 1hr 52m
  • Genres Romance, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery
  • Tagline What you see can hurt you

Devastated by her recent divorce Rachel Watson is infatuated by the seemingly perfect couple she sees from her daily commuter train that runs past their house. One day she sees something shocking and in that moment, everything changes. Drive by intrigue, passion and suspense, Rachel has a chance to become a part of the lives she's only watched from afar but to what lengths will she go to uncover the truth?

Live blog

Time Comment
2:07 I don’t so much wonder about the lives of the people in the houses, but do ponder how they feel about trains going up and down all the time.
8:26 Loving her dress and boots combo. I don’t think I can pull that off.
17:02 So know that scenario - just a couple of weeks and then it’s actually two years.
28:08 Emily Blunt plays drunk well. That’s hard to get right.
29:29 Day one must be the hardest.
32:24 Sorry, Blunt, Kudrow AND Janney? Amazing.
34:56 “Tickets to nowhere.” I’d ride the train too.
42:58 Reset alcohol days.
51:36 “You’re experiencing blackouts. Do you want to tell me about them?” I mean, surely you can’t, that’s the whole point.
55:28 Not excusing it, but can’t she just block her? Or change his number?
57:55 Not understanding the couples that don’t share passwords, etc. How can he do all her software updates without sharing passwords?
1:05:58 Very hard to prove non-intent when you’ve done some abducting.
1:16:21 Look at the size of those olives!
1:19:34 “Rachel? I haven’t seen you in a million years.” SAYS PHOEBE.
1:22:59 Loving the drawer of random wires but calling shenanigans on finding the right one first time.
1:33:36 Feel like Lisa Kudrow has been criminally underused in this, but at least she was crucial to the reveal.
1:43:19 There’s no dignity in death by corkscrew.


Managed to catch the play of this with Samantha Womack and thought it was really good. Bought the book, but haven’t read it yet. Now gone for the third media option, of the movie.

Obviously I knew the main plot points and how it all unravelled but it was still really fascinating to see how they worked through it on the screen. It worked pretty well. I wonder if I wouldn’t have struggled a little to start with, it felt quite confusing despite me already knowing the plot, but it soon settled down into a good unpredictable thriller.

The twists and turns propel you towards and ending which was really good, although I did feel as though they dragged it out a bit - twenty minutes to go and we already know who the killer is. Mr C, watching it for the first time, was happily surprised by the outcome and didn’t predict the killer so that’s also a plus.

Only complaint is that corkscrew to the neck is… bleurgh. And the second one, just to make sure, so much worse. Otherwise, good acting, and fun with trains along with bonus Phoebe!

Rating: 4 / 5

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