Cop Out

Published October 19, 2010

Live Blog

1:42Bruce hates anniversaries. Noted.
2:14“It’s not stealing, it’s called homage!”
5:01Ah! Die Hard reference! Mr C loves it when they make fun of themselves.
8:48How can you be undercover in a giant mobile phone costume?
14:26You wouldn’t be happy with Kevin Costner playing you, would you?
17:04You can’t shoot someone in a church!
18:47Is that Buffy’s sister?
21:16I never know why who pays for weddings is so important? Can’t the girl just pay for herself?
24:42“You’re my tenderooney.” Hmm.
27:24The one drawback to not having a lot of clutter is there’s nothing to sell in case of emergency.
32:57“What are you, Wikipedia?”
37:47It’s excellent to have incompetent cops along with incompetent thieves. In films, anyway.
40:51It would be wrong to leave a knock knock joke hanging.
46:36That’s a lot of guns.
52:08He’s rubbish at acting both parts!
55:30I don’t suppose you can survive being flung from a car head first into a headstone. I don’t think this will be forgotten quickly.
56:49Ooh, Jaime equals Jimmy.
1:02:18Sometimes it’s good to open your heart to someone who doesn’t speak the language. As long as you’re sure they don’t.
1:03:41Teddy bear!
1:12:04“You look like you could use a hug.”
1:17:57No one should whisper about Bruce behind his back.
1:27:31Phew, he got the shoe! I don’t want Bruce to be running around in one shoe for too long. Although he didn’t do too badly in bare feet in Die Hard.
1:30:10They are quite trigger happy cops.
1:35:17Is being called a Bon Bon a compliment?
1:40:37Best partner in the world!


The trailer was enough to sell this film to me, if only because of that scene in the car. I never turn down a chance to see Bruce, either, and with too many horror films clouding the iTunes store, this was a refreshing choice for us.

The main problem with this film is that it had two very, very funny moments and therefore everything else paled in comparison a little. However, I laughed out loud quite a lot, and Bruce was fabulous as always. Even the story was good, despite starting out in a “cops get taken off the job” cliche. I wonder if they’ll make a sequel.

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