Little Italy

Published March 24, 2019

Little Italy

Film info

  • Title Little Italy
  • Director Donald Petrie
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 42m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline Love is an acquired taste

Former best friends Sal and Vince run rival pizzerias in Little Italy, spending their days plotting against each other’s restaurant. But when love blossoms between Sal’s daughter Nikki (Emma Roberts) and Vince’s son Leo (Hayden Christensen), they must hide their romance from their oblivious fathers’ eyes. When news of Nikki and Leo’s relationship slips out into the open, Sal and Vince reach boiling point. These cobblestoned piazzas ain’t big enough for two legendary pizzerias, so a wager is declared: the two restaurants will compete in a high stakes pizza cookout, where the loser must leave Little Italy for good. As tempers rage hotter than a wood-fired pizza oven, will Nikki and Leo’s love become the victim or victor in this ridiculously epic food fight?

Live blog

Time Comment
1:22 How do you make a vegetable bomb like that?
7:19 Moron sandwich!
10:12 They’ve actually split the trophy in half. That’s dedication to an argument.
13:33 “They say karma is a real bitch. Are the two of you related?”
20:35 So they’ve all run to the field… who’s left watching the bar?
28:46 “I hardly recognise you.” “You would if you learned to Facetime.”
34:08 I like all the secret meetings.
39:35 Not enjoying the insults back and forth.
44:11 He sniffed her shoe, that’s so creepy.
51:29 They went to all that effort and she only had one bite of the pizza.
55:12 Caramel lattes are good, she’s right.
57:21 He’s climbing up a ladder one-handed!
1:04:49 “Is there a penis more pressing than my menu?” You’ll never hear that sentence said in another film.
1:09:51 “I need a reason to host dinner for my family? I’m gonna die soon and I like food. That’s it.”
1:14:35 Giggleberries!
1:16:35 This is the last film I’d expect to have a Rocky reference in it!
1:21:44 It’s like a Little Italy Bake Off.
1:30:10 “Girl, go to London. Don’t change your plans for no man.” I’m with her.
1:31:25 Why can’t he go to London? Make his new shop there.
1:34:27 “He put a ring on it. I’m a Beyoncé.”


I love Emma Roberts and was interested to see Hayden in a role that wasn’t Sith-based, so although this is a low-profile and not-well-reviewed rom-com, I was keen. It was good, entertaining enough, but it did have some issues. I wasn’t totally convinced by the chemistry between the two leads – much preferred the relationship between the grandma and grandpa.

Also some of the problems didn’t seem to really be problems, and I was quite annoyed that she had to sacrifice her career for love, although it seems like it did work out okay in the end.

The Rocky references were totally worth it though.

Rating: 2 / 5

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