Rocky Balboa

Published February 15, 2019

Rocky Balboa

Film info

  • Title Rocky Balboa
  • Director Sylvester Stallone
  • Year 2006
  • Run time 1hr 42m
  • Genre Drama
  • Tagline It ain't over, til it's over

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has now been retired for some time, but hard-up for money, he decides to step back into the ring against a few small-time boxers. Everything changes, though, when Rocky is offered the opportunity to step in with the reigning Heavyweight Champion, Mason “The Line” Dixon. Does Rocky still have what it takes to make another championship comeback?

Live blog

Time Comment
2:19 I quite like throwing ice as a protest.
7:17 “You throw a big shadow.”
10:32 Is he re-enacting Rocky 1? We didn’t get a previously on, so that seems fair.
18:17 That’s the bratty kid from the first film?? Amazing.
23:43 Oh god, Rocky is so adorable. Slightly crazy but I’ll take it.
29:14 Interesting concept, making a whole programme out of fantasy sports like that.
32:05 What the hell else does he have in that pocket?
33:04 “This is the dog pound. It’s where they keep… a large variety of dogs.”
39:40 “You think you gotta stop trying things because you had a few too many birthdays? I do not.”
45:53 He’s not eloquent but he’s right.
47:45 They’re not going to like him more if he knocks out Rocky B. I don’t see what their plan is.
53:56 Yo Paulie is not the same as Yo Adrian. Boo.
1:08:53 Was loving the montage until the eggs. Not the eggs!
1:11:27 He seems so much more alive now he’s fit and fearless. Yay for training!
1:14:19 Only ten rounds this time.
1:20:23 “Undisputed undefeated” sounds better than “two times” but the crowd think otherwise.
1:23:07 Oh god, every film the cameras get better and the boxing gets harder to watch.
1:36:16 He squeezed in a Yo Adrian! Amazing.


Well, I can see why Sylvester wanted to come back and finish off the series properly but I have to admit I was concerned about this one. It’s so much later and he’s so much older, how is he ever going to get back in the ring again?

That’s kinda what the film is about, although it takes a long way round in getting there – showing instead the often overlooked things about life after your famous career has pretty much ended.

I enjoyed this one just like the others, but the only thing that really annoyed me was no mention of the brain damage and eyesight issue that has dominated the previous five. There’s an explanation, apparently, from Sylvester himself, but why couldn’t they have just mentioned this briefly in the film?

Otherwise a good movie, lots of nice hat-tips to the past, and a really lovely end-credits sequence.

Rating: 4 / 5

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