Wall Street

Published December 2, 2018

Wall Street

Film info

  • Title Wall Street
  • Director Oliver Stone
  • Year 1987
  • Run time 2hrs 6m
  • Genres Drama, Crime
  • Tagline Every dream has a price

An ambitious young broker (Charlie Sheen) is lured into the illegal, lucrative world of corporate espionage when he is seduced by the power, status and financial wizardry of Wall Street legend Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). But he soon discovers that the pursuit of overnight riches comes at a price too high to pay.

Title: Wall Street Director: Oliver Stone Year: 1987 Run time: 2hrs 6m

Live blog

2:10 - Wow, he properly just crossed the road without looking. You’re not gonna get rich dead. 3:34 - Their desks are so messy! 8:30 - “And he had an ethical bypass at birth.” 10:03 - That actually is his dad! Weird. 16:11 - Look at the size of his office, that’s amazing. 19:48 - Insider trading. ARGH. 26:18 - Million dollar cheque, you sort of want to frame it. 30:57 - I’ve never played squash, it’s ever so slightly terrifying. 31:44 - “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” 42:47 - I’m not totally clear on what his job actually is but I don’t suppose it matters. 45:25 - That’s some bad hair Daryl is sporting, bless her and the eighties. 50:33 - Because he’s British, he’s putting mate at the end of sentences, like we all do. 56:22 - I don’t see how he can keep promising that nobody gets hurt. People will get hurt 58:39 - The high tech stuff in this is brilliant/hilarious. 1:07:35 - Sean and Madonna? How to age a film in three words. 1:10:15 - Why is she microwaving the ice cream? 1:13:21 - “Sometimes I really miss you, Gordon, you’re kinda twisted.” 1:23:21 - Walking around the block a couple of hundred times, that’s fun. 1:29:22 - Oof, that feeling must be crushing when your kid isn’t a good person. 1:36:04 - “How many yachts can you waterski behind?” 1:50:19 - Boardroom drama is always so much more interesting than you think it’s going to be. 1:59:54 - “Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others.”


I really enjoyed this film, even though there weren’t very many likeable characters in there. Usually that would turn me off, but the story and twists and turns were so interesting that it kept me engaged.

The cast were all brilliant, it took me a little while to get my head around the Sheens playing father and son whilst also being actual father and son, but aside from that, they were fab.

The only thing that let it down was the phones. For the most part, even with the old computers, the film has aged well, but the size of those blooming phones…

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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