Get Him to the Greek

Published October 27, 2018

Get Him to the Greek

Film info

  • Title Get Him to the Greek
  • Director Nicholas Stoller
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 49m
  • Genres
  • Tagline Aaron Green has 72 hours to get a rock star from London to L.A. pray for him

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand reunite with the director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall in this outrageous comedy about Aaron Green (Hill), an aspiring music executive, who has 72 hours to deliver the wild rock legend, Aldous Snow (Brand), from London to Los Angeles for a comeback concert. In order to keep his job, Aaron must navigate a minefield of mayhem and debauchery to get Snow to the world famous Greek Theatre on time!

Title: Get Him to the Greek Director: Nicholas Stoller Year: 2010 Run time: 1hr 49m

Live blog

1:54 - The One Show feature on an actual film. So weird. 5:20 - PINK! 6:11 - I feel like this is Russell Brand’s actual life? 7:38 - I want that machine she’s got for the whale music. 8:32 - I’m having real trouble concentrating on the plot, if there is one. Too many famous faces, so little time! 15:51 - Puff Daddy channeling the Ice Cube stare there. 16:36 - “We don’t lie to people. We don’t do that. We just believe invalid truths.” 20:09 - I love London Calling. But seriously, will there ever be another song that can introduce the city in films? 20:44 - Don’t just randomly do a rubbish British accent, Jonah. Bless you! 25:16 - Harry Potter references! 30:53 - “…but the content of what you said has made me hate you.” 31:14 - Same universe as Sarah Marshall! 32:34 - So that’s Puff Daddy doing the Carlton dance in front of Pharrell. Sure, why not? 38:51 - I’m basically worried about all drummers now. 46:08 - “What’s Lars packing in the drumstick region?” 56:10 - Baby TJ Miller. Adorable. The number of people in this film! 1:06:48 - Pretty sure you can’t claim credit for something just cos you’re related. 1:14:51 - “I think your brain is full of lollipops and rainbows and cheese and wonder. Mine’s slightly darker than that.” 1:24:49 - Pre-negotiation. 1:32:24 - “I liked you before I met you.”


By the time we watched this film, we’d had a couple of drinks, and I think that’s the only reason we enjoyed it as much as we did. It’s not a very good movie, but what it has is that constant “Oh my god he’s in it” and “wait a minute, that’s her!” There were some funny moments, and some gross moments, and that moment when we suddenly realised it was a spin off from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

It was entertaining enough and I think we related to it because the pair of them shared our dynamic. Me always going “okay, time for bed” and Mr C convincing me to stay up for just that little bit longer. Still, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone any time soon.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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