Addams Family Values

Published October 20, 2018

Addams Family Values

Film info

  • Title Addams Family Values
  • Director Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Year 1993
  • Run time 1hr 34m
  • Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Family
  • Tagline The family just got a little stranger

Reunite with the creepy and kooky first-family of fright, in the hit sequel featuring a new addition to the Addams household—baby Pubert. Making matters even more delightfully dreadful, Uncle Fester has fallen head-over-heals with a murderer, while the kids are shipped off to summer camp. ‘Addams Family Values’ features gags and ghouls galore.

Title: Addams Family Values Director: Barry Sonnenfeld Year: 1993 Run time: 1hr 34m

Live blog

1:40 - Can you technically arm wrestle something without an arm? 4:37 - Baby mobile of knives is intense. 9:23 - Moustache on a baby is hilarious. 12:08 - “Isn’t he a ladykiller.” “Acquitted.” 20:22 - Yay, Camp Chippewa! Worst camp ever. 21:44 - “And I’mmmmm Becky Martin Granger!” The faux chirpiness, argh! 25:12 - “I’ll be the victim.” “All your life.” 25:33 - I know they’re an odd family but going on a first date with your brother tagging along is quite weird, isn’t it? 27:26 - Very curious about a restaurant in a cave. 36:03 - “We don’t hug.” These are my people. 42:56 - What shampoo does It use? So glossy. 49:45 - “Cara mia. Mon cher. Pumpkin.” 1:02:20 - I love Wednesday forcing a smile, how did she do that scene? 1:14:53 - I don’t wanna call attention to it, but no way Thing could drive a car. 1:20:00 - “Malibu Barbie. The nightmare.” 1:27:30 - Wife and psycho.


Ahh, I love this film. It’s one of the few examples where the sequel is better than the original, and I particularly love it because of all the camp stuff. I think I could watch an entire movie of just the kids at camp. Being the outsider amongst a sea of preppy kids is relatable, even if the specifics of the Addams children are not quite so normal.

Then there’s the main plot (side plot for me) of Fester falling in love with the wrong woman, which in itself brings up a few funny moments. The film is eminently quotable, I had forgotten how much of it I could recite, and I marvel every time at how good Christina Ricci is. Top film.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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