Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Published September 15, 2018

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Film info

  • Title Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Director Stephen Herek
  • Year 1989
  • Run time 1hr 30m
  • Genres Adventure, Science-Fiction, Comedy
  • Tagline History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell

Two airheads, who are about to fail history class, are given the chance to take an epic trip through time. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter star in the most outrageous comedy in the history of history. With appearances by Napoleon, Beethoven, Socrates, Billy the Kid & Abraham Lincoln.

Title: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Director: Stephen Herek Year: 1989 Run time: 1hr 30m

Live blog

1:51 - Jane Wiedlin again? As in, I am your singing telegram? Weird. 2:58 - I like measuring the future in bowling averages and mini golf scores. 6:33 - “We have learned that the world has a great history.” 10:41 - Was worried about the graphics of this future bit, but it was okay so far. 13:33 - Fab times getting your history info from the inhabitants of a car park. 14:55 - “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” 17:40 - Oh there it is. The circuits of history are not great. 22:57 - Deputy Van Helen. 28:39 - Sew-crates. 32:44 - “Those must be the princesses that you told yourself about.” 34:13 - All the Star Wars references! 35:43 - “Most non-triumphant.” 42:15 - Sort of want a spin off movie with Billy and Socrates. 44:09 - “Be excellent to each other.” “Party on dudes.” 52:25 - Little Napoleon rage is cute. 55:48 - “That conversation made more sense this time.” Love it! 1:05:07 - Beethoven’s doing his own remixes. 1:11:22 - It’s all very well having these ideas, but you’ve got to remember to do the things afterwards. 1:17:15 - Love Keanu Reeves. 1:24:30 - How exactly is their music going to do all that?


So, I do love this film and am maybe more nostalgic about it than it actually warrants, because this latest watch of it did make me realise that’s it’s not actually a particularly good movie. Keanu Reeves is adorable, of course, and the pair of them have a good chemistry in their goofball stupidity.

But I did get frustrated this time out that none of the time travel stuff makes sense - perhaps thinking about it too seriously, but if you snatch Napoleon from the middle of a battle… I think it would have some effect on time, even if you put him back which we’re not clear they ever actually did.

It was fun to see the famous names and faces out of their depths in the future, and I genuinely could watch a film of Billy the Kid and Socrates' as a crime-fighting duo or some such, but I don’t know, it felt just a little bit too silly this time. I’ve outgrown Bill and Ted, oh no!

Rating: 3/5.

Rating: 3 / 5

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