Brooklyn Rules

Published September 19, 2010

Brooklyn Rules

Film info

  • Title Brooklyn Rules
  • Directors
  • Year 2007
  • Run time
  • Genres
  • Tagline Not made to be broken

Fast Facts

Title: Brooklyn Rules Director: Michael Corrente Year: 2007 Run time: 1hr 31

Background Info

I hadn’t heard of this film before, and it turned up on the iPlayer so I thought I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t 100% sure about it to start with, you know, gangs and the mafia and whatnot, but I was curious to see what Freddie Prinze Jr can do.

Live Blog

00:01:59 - Stealing from the collection plate tells you everything you need to know about that kid. 00:03:25 - Carmine is a strange name, isn’t it? 00:04:06 - Boys finding a dead body in the woods. How very Stand by Me. 00:07:22 - I honestly didn’t know Freddie Prinze did any films other than the scary one and the scooby one. 00:09:47 - It’s hard to take Alec Baldwin seriously when I just think of him bouncing the plates on Friends. 00:15:10 - Even if you don’t have a clue, you can usually make up some nonses to get you some exam points. 00:20:12 - “You lose my exam and I have to do a resit?” Sounds like the college I went to. 00:24:17 - They still have the dog! 00:25:59 - They’re talking about Back to the Future. Brownie points! 00:30:04 - I have decided to take Alex Baldwin seriously. He’s scary. 00:33:53 - Mayonnaise on fries is an English thing? **00:36:06 - I wish I could go to a party that legitimately plays Karma Chameleon. **00:39:05 - Blimey, that blue margharita is really blue. 00:41:50 - They have good chemistry. 00:49:53 - She thinks she’s going to see Frank Sinatra, she winds up in a brawl in a diner. 00:54:03 - You always end up sucked into the mafia. Particularly if your friend is already in there. 00:54:41 - This sit down mediation business is very civilised. 01:02:56 - Aw, they are very good friends. It’s sweet. 01:08:37 - “At least I didn’t get it at gunpoint.” True of all good presents.**** 01:10:32 -** They sell cigarettes at the butchers? **01:12:51 - Why can’t he just have two best men? 01:16:06 - He called him Andretti. Hehe, there is no escaping motorsport. 01:17:35 - Did anyone actually call on ambulance? They’re all just looking.** **01:18:53 - The unfortunate thing being that it had nothing to do with the mafia in the end, and was all down to a chair. 01:25:11 - When people say “are we talking about the same thing?” and just nod, how do they know for sure? 01:28:34 - I can imagine a friendship would never be as strong after something like that. 01:30:16 - Ooh, proved wrong again. 01:30:26 - Dire Straits! Woohoo!


It was an interesting film, but it seemed to be a direct rip-off of Good Will Hunting. Some kids, from the wrong side of town, one of them really smart, meets a smart girl but upsets her, one of the friends gets involved with some dodgy dealings. It was all very familiar, and only some good chemistry between the friends meant it was worth watching.

Rating: 25

Rating: Unrated

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