The History Boys

Published September 19, 2010

The History Boys

Film info

  • Title The History Boys
  • Directors
  • Year 2006
  • Run time
  • Genres
  • Tagline History, it's just one bloody thing after another

Fast Facts

Title: The History Boys Director: Nicholas Hytner Year: 2006 Run time: 1hr 47

Background Info

iPlayer to the rescue, and although I was only vaguely aware of this film/play, I was intrigued by all the many famous people in it - some of them on the way up to stardom. I’m also always interested in how plays make the transition to the big screen.

Live Blog

00:01:42 - If our roads were empty like that, I would ride a bike everywhere too. 00:03:47 - “Why are you dressed as a milkman?” Uh… surely the only possible answer to that is “Because I’m a milkman.” 00:05:04 - Did I blink and a whole summer passed by? 00:07:06 - PE was introduced in the 80s? I figured it had been around forever. 00:08:49 - I’m assuming this is a boys school as there isn’t a girl in sight. 00:12:12 - Blimey. They speak French better than we ever did at school. 00:12:35 - Of course, we never role-played a brothel. 00:18:19 - All of these kids have gone on to other things. Even James Corden. 00:22:40 - “Have a heart. He’s only five minutes older than we are.” Ah, substitute teachers. 00:26:52 - There’s a statue just like that in Winchester, I have a photo. 00:30:52 - “Most of the stuff poetry is about hasn’t happened to us yet.” 00:36:05 - Interesting that they think a teacher is trying to make them into a more well-rounded human being. That is certainly not the aim of the education system these days. 00:44:32 - He’s a pretty scary headmaster. **00:46:33 - Gobbets is not a nice word. **00:48:37 - That feels like the end of Act 1. 01:00:29 - I find it annoying that every single sentence ends with Sir. 01:01:56 - Blimey. I wouldn’t know what to do if a teacher started crying. I’d probably run off. 01:06:46 - I don’t really understand why they all decided to cover for Hector in the first place. 01:11:31 - She’s a very angry history teacher. I suppose there is a lot in history to be angry about. 01:16:47 - His ploy didn’t work. 01:18:45 - The architecture is nice. He could just say that anyway.** **01:19:37 - “It’s like a stately home. My parents would love it.” 01:21:43 - Life is incredibly random, but also very coincidental. 01:27:05 - They all got places?** **01:37:25 - That is a great way of showing something without showing it. Fade to white, noise only. 01:41:57 - Perhaps it should be called Hector’s Boys. 01:42:26 - “I’m not happy, but I’m not unhappy about it.”


I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of this that went over my head. Far too much pontificating about things and quoting literature that I don’t know. That’s kind of what you get with plays, of course. That aside, the film was great and I liked it’s subtle, understated nature. Sometimes it’s nice to have watch something calm and intellectual (even if you don’t get all of it).

Rating: 25

Rating: Unrated

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