Game Over, Man!

Published May 24, 2018

Game Over, Man!

Film info

  • Title Game Over, Man!
  • Director Kyle Newacheck
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 41m
  • Genres Comedy, Action
  • Tagline Every wannabe has his day

Three buddies with big dreams go from underachieving slackers to badass warriors when their posh hotel is taken over by terrorists.

Title: Game Over, Man! Director: Kyle Newacheck Year: 2018 Run time: 1hr 41m

Live blog

0:28 - Mr C is criticising the graphics on the idents now. “Pencil didn’t bounce properly.” 7:42 - “Takes pictures of the hot models and the guns and the hovercrafts, and the hot models shooting guns on the hovercrafts.” 14:38 - Smoking, vaping, he’s right, it does look weird. 23:25 - What the… 25:46 - I do like the fact that their elevator lift shaft plan didn’t work. That never happens! 28:51 - “Stop talking cool!” You just know that Adam Devine has wanted to be in a spy film his whole life. 32:56 - Lot more of Bumper in this than I was expecting to see. 33:24 - Ridiculous fight scene though. 36:11 - Oh, how many people have wanted to do that! By Steve-O! 41:12 - Home Alone 3 burn. 46:16 - “Then I could soar off into the night hella majestically.” 47:20 - “Fuck the po-lice, except for right now.” 53:16 - Shaggy though! 1:04:45 - “Babe, do something. Volunteer as tribute!” 1:06:05 - Gaffa tape rage! 1:11:02 - Oof, this film does not know what it wants to be. 1:30:11 - “It’s kinda fun being badass.”


Oh, just terrible.

I was kinda expecting it to be pretty rubbish, and it really only popped up on our radar because of the Adam Devine/Netflix combination that worked so well with When We First Met. There were some moments that were good, and somehow it managed to be funnier than I thought, but also a lot worse than I thought as well.

Like I said in the notes above, the film doesn’t seem to quite know what it wants to be. It’s a comedy, sure, but then some of the violence is just too graphic to sit well in context. So maybe it wants to be a thriller but the story is nowhere near strong enough to cover it.

Really, very bad.

Rating: 1/5.

Rating: 1 / 5

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