Pitch Perfect 3

Published April 28, 2018

Pitch Perfect 3

Film info

  • Title Pitch Perfect 3
  • Director Trish Sie
  • Year 2017
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genre Music Comedy
  • Tagline Last call pitches

Now graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, all the Bellas return in the final chapter in the beloved series. After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there are no job prospects for making music only with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an European USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

Title: Pitch Perfect 3 Director: Trish Sie Year: 2017 Run time: 1hr 33m

Live blog

5:46 - Nooo, no more Jesse? 6:30 - “Why do you do this stuff? Why are you like this?” 12:39 - Haha, like “There’s some new information in that sentence, but okay.” 14:19 - Haiz is so adorable! 14:27 - The creepy one has place of birth as Area 51! Amazing. 24:26 - Loving the supergroup! 25:53 - “…and I’ve got a hamster now.” No one has ever said that with so much emotion. 31:05 - A turtle?? 37:48 - Yay, the two that were there the whole time! Name check. 39:40 - “Okay, do you happen to have seven ATM machines?” 43:15 - “Pardon my zesting.” Ha, love that. 44:24 - Beats! 54:11 - Can’t take the guy seriously when I know him so well from Timeless. Time traveller! 1:01:21 - “When am I gonna learn to OPEN MY MAIL?” 1:07:09 - Not Jessica and Ashley! 1:15:06 - All totally crazy but kinda fun. 1:18:05 - She has a voice! 1:22:47 - CHOOOON. 1:26:29 - I’m not crying, you’re crying.


Huge fans of the Pitch Perfect series, it seemed inevitable that this would be another brilliant outing to finish off the trilogy nicely. And it does that. There are a few gripes, of course, but overall it was almost as perfect as the title suggests.

I think there’s a slight error in showing the boat explosion scene first and then working back to how you got there - because it’s so outside what Pitch Perfect is and should be about, you’re wondering if you accidentally bought a Bond film. When you work through how they ended up in that situation, it kinda makes sense - if still a little far-fetched - but you really have to trust that the writers know what they’re doing.

It was a bit disappointing that none of the boys returned, but equally the story doesn’t really lend itself to that so it’s understandable. I like that they had a lot of fun with Jessica and Ashley, and hammed up some of the relationships a bit more - Fat Amy always harping on Emily is cute/mean! In the end, I was crying along with the team because it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, and one that shows family - the family that you choose - is the most important thing. Same message as Fast & Furious but displayed in a totally different way!

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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