Published September 14, 2010


Film info

  • Title Bandits
  • Directors
  • Year 2001
  • Run time
  • Genres
  • Tagline Two's company, three's a crime

Fast Facts

Title: Bandits Director: Barry Levinson Year: 2001 Run time: 1hr 57

Background Info

Another film I have never heard of before that appeared on the iPlayer. I probably wouldn’t have been tempted to watch it except for the fact that it had Bruce Willis smiling down at me. Who can resist a bit of Bruce?

Live Blog

00:02:25 - Bruce has far too much hair. 00:03:05 - That man can’t be a presenter, his gravelly voice would be annoying after about two minutes. 00:06:01 - Blimey, he’s pretty violent. 00:06:32 - Oh goodness, a ponytail! 00:07:40 - Two bank robbers, one with anger management issues, one almost crazy with hypochondria. This can only end well. 00:11:26 - Why aren’t they wearing orange? 00:14:00 - I can’t imagine why these two are friends. 00:17:49 - If they’ve watched the whole of The Great Escape, they’ve been there a while. 00:22:01 - Excellent golf trousers. 00:24:40 - “Women love a man who loves danger.” Huh. I beg to differ. 00:27:43 - I like that kid. Doesn’t like the sauce because it’s too red. 00:34:42 - It’s all very well dancing while cooking but she’s definitely gonna get hair in the food. 00:37:20 - Total Eclipse of the Heart! **00:38:38 - I like her reckless driving. Except the part where she ran someone over. **00:42:47 - The outlaw code. Someone should write the official book. 00:46:01 - The Sleepover Bandits is a terrible name! Makes me think of pyjamas and pillow fights. 00:49:55 - Why is it a surprise to her that someone knows the words to Bonnie Tyler? 00:58:04 - I always knew that song could bring people together. 01:06:20 - “You stay away from me forever.” Nice. 01:08:57 - Cate Blanchett has lovely eyes. 01:11:38 - There’s a fear of getting smaller? That’s weird.** **01:18:08 - It’s always a girl that gets in the way. 01:20:59 - I’m curious how many banks they need to rob to get their plans together. Are they just greedy? 01:25:42 - He’s very sneaky, dropping the seeds of a brain tumour to a hypochondriac. 01:31:29 - Wait… that’s Birdplane. Birdplane is an actual song? 01:34:44 - Did she just eat a sachet of sugar by itself? Ugh. 01:42:12 - That’s Betty Draper! 01:46:34 - It must be very exciting for the policeman who sees Kate hand herself in.** **01:50:04 - Oh my god, I love it. 01:52:30 - Harvey kind of looks like Lucas di Grassi. Yum.


I wasn’t sure to start with, how interesting a film could be about two mis-matched robbers failing to rob a bank. But it was really very good. The partnership between Bruce and Billy-Bob developed really well, and whilst I wasn’t that keen on the relationship with the woman, she did bring Bonnie Tyler into the film, so I am happy with that.

Rating: 35

Rating: Unrated

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