South Pacific

Published September 5, 2010

South Pacific

Film info

  • Title South Pacific
  • Director Joshua Logan
  • Year 1958
  • Run time 2hrs 23m
  • Genres Musical, War, Romance
  • Tagline There is nothing you can name that is anything like South Pacific!

When a young American nurse from Little Rock (Mitzi Gaynor) meets the handsome and mysterious French planter (Rossano Brazzi) on a South Pacific island during World War II, they find refuge from the battles around them as their romance blooms, in this finely crafted, Oscar®-Winning musical.

Live Blog

1:31That does look pretty much like paradise.
4:32I like the sign in their cockpit for tradesmen to use the rear entrance. Get a lot of tradesmen in a plane, I bet.
7:06Isn’t he in The Sting? Bit different to playing with grass skirts.
9:12Boar’s teeth or women. Tough choice.
10:07Perfume = poifoom.
18:30Gosh, is that really her voice? It doesn’t sound like that would come from her.
21:16An island where the sky goes purple. That sounds familiar.
25:20You’d think they might have sent word that he was coming. He could be anyone.
28:26Now the sky is yellow. I’m very worried about this paradise place.
32:42I get that these two are in love, but did I miss who they actually are? Is she the nurse?
35:22Is the whole film going to have coloured filters over the lens?
37:51This is an incredible amount of screen time for two people who are essentially just saying they like each other.
39:15Now he’s telling her about their children, how he’ll be dead while they’re growing up, and what she should do. Planning ahead, much?
42:39Oh, that’s the Frenchman he was asking about in the plane! D’oh.
47:45That is the nurse. I think I understand the characters now.
59:08Way to wash a man right out of your hair. Washing fail.
1:07:34Does Bali Hai hold a parade for every new visitor?
1:14:31Like that would ever happen. The mother wants to set them up, and he does actually fall in love with her.
1:21:50Those are some massive lilypads.
1:23:57I like that she says she’s had enough champagne and takes the glass from him as well. He’s had enough too.
1:33:24It’s like a slightly less embarrassing form of the birdy dance.
1:39:03Is that dancing or an aerobics routine?
1:40:11It was dancing.
1:48:12That darn malaria…
2:00:38There’s a gaping hole in that plane!
2:04:05Somewhere along the way, this turned into a proper war film.
2:21:47Nice ending, but I can’t believe that about lieutellant.


I know a lot of the songs from the musical, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it. I certainly don’t remember the story, except that at one point she is washing a man right out of her hair. The iPlayer to the rescue, then, as this film must have been on over the bank holiday weekend.

It’s a bit long, for a start, but the story is just about good enough to hold it for that long. The songs are good, as expected, but I really wasn’t a fan of all the coloured filters and things. I don’t need a purple sky to be convinced that Bali Hai is a special place to visit, and I certainly don’t need a yellow screen to believe these two are in love. Why yellow?

Rating: 3 / 5

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