Lethal Weapon 4

Published May 29, 2017

Lethal Weapon 4

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  • Title Lethal Weapon 4
  • Directors
  • Year 1998
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Background info

Title: Lethal Weapon 4 Director: Richard Donner Year: 1998 Run time: 2hrs 7m

“The fourth installment of the blockbuster “Lethal Weapon” franchise finds Oscar-winner Mel Gibson (“Braveheart,” “Maverick”) teamed up with reluctant partner Danny Glover (“The Color Purple”), Renee Russo (“In the Line of Fire,” “Get Shorty”), Oscar-winner Joe Pesci (“Goodfellas,” My Cousin Vinny”) and Emmy-nominated newcomer Chris Rock (“The Chris Rock Show”) in another explosive adventure. Introducing Chinese-superstar Jet Li in his American film debut as a ruthless Asian crime lord."

Live blog

1:29 - I feel like the police should have a better plan than willing something to happen. 3:07 - Now is not the time for Jeremy Kyle family revelations, chaps. 8:32 - They always seem to have heart to hearts on the boat. 12:41 - They are so destructive, it’s mind-boggling! 19:57 - “Now we’re importing victims?” 27:18 - Love Lorna trying to keep a secret, ha! 33:56 - The insurance company won’t insure them anymore, no freaking wonder! 38:23 - Riggs is such an ass! 40:09 - “Love him like a son-in-law… enforcement.” 52:35 - It must be weird to come home to normal life after doing cop-like things. 1:05:22 - Yea, she’s still so awesome! 1:07:59 - Seems like the emergency services take ages to turn up in this area. 1:11:53 - He has cruise control then? I literally only just got it. 1:24:57 - I need no interrogation scenes in the dentist, thank you. 1:35:04 - “Hey that was good work. You must be a detective.” 1:41:56 - That guy is like real life Matrix. 1:49:56 - He willed him to it! Adorable.


Mr C was under the impression that this was another weak entry in the Lethal Weapon franchise - the sequel that effectively killed off the series. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and from the looks of the way it ended, this was always anticipated to be the final outing for Riggs and Murtaugh.

It wasn’t the best of the four, but it was still really good, very entertaining, and quite the tangle of bad guys doing bad things. I thought the drama was heightened this time - the fire was scary, and the final sequence was pretty brutal including almost killing off Riggs!

I loved that Lorna was still totally brilliant and kick-ass despite being heavily pregnant - a really good character from the moment she was introduced. And overall, a happy, if loud and chaotic, ending. Good times.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: Unrated

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