Hello, My Name is Doris

Published May 28, 2017

Hello, My Name is Doris

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  • Title Hello, My Name is Doris
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  • Year 2015
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After a lifetime of being overlooked and ignored, a woman of a certain age finds her world turned upside down by a handsome new co-worker and a self-help seminar that inspires her to take a chance on love in Hello, My Name is Doris, a witty and compassionate late-life coming-of-age-story.

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Title: Hello, My Name is Doris Director: Michael Showalter Year: 2015 Run time: 1hr 35m

Live blog

2:08 - “You held on to a lot of stuff.” Nicest description of hoarding ever. 4:30 - Oof, I’d just take the stairs. Or wait for the next elevator. 6:45. - Yay Natasha. She’s so lovely. 8:35 - I like the elevated running track thing. 10:33 - “There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.” 12:28 - I’m possible. 17:25 - Haha, she’s so funny! 21:02 - I like that there’s a picture comes up for ‘girl with a masters degree’. 24:42 - She dances like a Thunderbird. 26:39 - “They’re like… cat ladies, or whatever.” 38:55 - “Friends with bennies.” 39:22 - Doris is so squad goals. Out of place but who cares? 45:44 - “You appear to be taking dating advice from a 13 year old.” 49:09 - How long were they on the subway for that it got dark? 52:09 - Rooftop knitting circle! 54:08 - Eek, drunk Facebooking. Nooo. 1:05:35 - Aww, I don’t like Doris and Ros fighting. 1:07:35 - I would very much like a mixologist friend. 1:17:31 - She looks better without all the hair and make-up.


I loved this wonderfully, quirky film. It’s clearly just a vehicle for Sally Field to show how brilliant she is, but it did that perfectly. She was brilliant! And it was nice to see a flawed character going on a journey that doesn’t necessarily end happily but certainly winds up better than it started!

Gently funny and also slightly heartbreaking, the most important thing I got from the film was Doris’s self-esteem and lack of caring what others really think of her. Somehow that made her even more popular, crossing generations and creating friendships wherever she went. I don’t know that real life is like that, but even so, it’s inspirational.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: Unrated

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