Lethal Weapon 3

Published May 21, 2017

Lethal Weapon 3

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  • Title Lethal Weapon 3
  • Directors
  • Year 1992
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Title: Lethal Weapon 3 Director: Richard Donner Year: 1992 Run time: 1hr 58m

“This boxoffice blockbuster sequel reunites box-office superstar and Oscar-winner Mel Gibson (“Braveheart,” “Maverick”), Danny Glover (“The Color Purple”) and Oscar-winner Joe Pesci (“GoodFellas,” “My Cousin Vinny”), and introduces Rene Russo (“Get Shorty,” “In the Line of Fire”) as a tough Internal Affairs cop who gives Gibson a run for his money. Glover’s last week before retirement has no chance of being peaceful – not while Gibson is still his partner, and an ex-cop turned criminal mastermind is on the loose. Bringing with it all the humor and action of the first two “Lethal Weapon” hits, ABC radio says “Lethal Weapon 3” is “3 times the excitement …3 times the action …3 times the laughs!””

Live blog

2:15 - He is a bit cavalier about it. That’s what a bomb squad is for. 5:44 - He can’t even remember what his own hunch is, haha. 7:41 - “Right, oops.” 13:57 - She is having far too much fun during this chase scene, love her. 22:12 - Oh my god, that’s awful. “Now we got a relationship we can build on.” Oof. 25:58 - Retirement plans = things. 32:54 - “What are we, required reading or something?' 41:44 - They must have filmed this after an actual game, right? 44:51 - I don’t know how people can just eat raw onions like that. Bleurgh. 51:36 - It’s weird when he’s being earnest. 54:08 - “Semantics? I’m always up for some antics.” 57:18 - I know he’s unorthodox but why must he do things without backup? 1:03:28 - I quite like comparing scars as a way to get to know each other. 1:10:09 - They’re a brilliant partnership, flaws and all. 1:11:49 - “We’re in the middle of a case… of scotch.” 1:21:25 - Love them just messing about in the office. 1:31:47 - Convertible train/car is amazing! 1:41:29 - “I wish somebody would cover me for a change!” 1:50:00 - Why doesn’t he have.a lock on the bathroom door?


Loved the first Lethal Weapon, whilst the second was a bit of a disappointment, but thankfully this third installment was perhaps the best of the lot. It doesn’t take long to be right back in the thick of things, with our heroes setting off a bomb within ten minutes of arriving on screen.

I actually liked how things got more serious as the story went along, and there were moments of real heartfelt insight. Their fight on the boat was a wonderful way to get to know their partnership even better, and it contrasted nicely with the hilarity in the office.

Plus, Rene Russo was a great addition to the team, always good to see a female character holding her own and, in fact, showing the boys up on occasion! Really loved this.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: Unrated

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