True Romance

Published April 29, 2017

True Romance

Film info

  • Title True Romance
  • Director Tony Scott
  • Year 1993
  • Run time 2hrs 55m
  • Genres Romance, Crime, Action
  • Tagline Stealing, cheating, killing. Who said romance was dead?

This rock'n'roll adventure story tells of two unlikely lovers who accidentally double-cross the Detroit mob by stealing valuable contraband. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette flee to Los Angeles where they are sought by both gangsters and cops.

Background info

Title: True Romance Director: Tony Scott Year: 1993 Run time: 2hrs 55m

Live blog

2:20 - Usually talking about something different when you have a shared interest in Elvis. 4:16 - Has the greatest cast and the best director, how has Mr C kept this film from me for so long? 6:15 - Should probably put on my life list to one day go to a multi-showing of movies. If I ever return to the cinema. 11:12.- Reading comics and playing music is a pretty good job. 18:41 - “Is he nice?' Sure, all pimps are stand up people. 21:47 - Unhaunted? 24:46 - Loving the purple/pink car! 31:06 - You don’t get many Clarence’s these days. 35:47 - Love Dennis Hopper. 45:02 - I love trains but I don’t think I could live that close to the tracks. 50:00 - Walken says purple. 1:00:19 - I like that even in this world, William Shatner is adored. 1:01:48 - “I’m not Joe Cocaine, okay?” 1:06:16 - Wow, that rollercoaster looks amazing. Not so good for doing business on though. 1:12:51 - “They were here and then they said they were going to go there. And then they went.” Great story. 1:18:43 - At least four people in this graduate to be in Friends. 1:28:56 - “Don’t you want to see what TV in other countries looks like?” 1:40:37 - Are they using helicopter noise like Rainymood? I can’t be doing with that. 1:51:38 - All the stuff in the air, would it affect them?


After the misery that was the Twilight series, we wanted to watch a proper film, and this is one that Mr C has fond memories of from years gone by. It’s one of those where the pressure was slightly on me to not hate it, but how could I? Tony Scott directing, Quentin Tarantino writing, and such an incredible cast?

I loved it. Quirky and totally random in places, with such famous faces popping up for varying degrees of time - some for only seconds! Great performances by many, especially Walken and Pitt who are scene-stealers in everything. Really enjoyed it from start to finish.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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