74. The Rookie

Published August 27, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: The Rookie Director: John Lee Hancock Year: 2002 Run time: 1hr 59

Background Info

I don’t know much about baseball and I am usually put off by films about the sport, because they are always something about the coach being injured and then making a go of it, blah blah blah. Well, that’s exactly what this film but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Live Blog

00:01:57 - It must take ages to collect a big basket of rose petals. 00:06:49 - He might not have a choice in moving, but he has a choice in letting the kid stay with the Johnsons. Whoever they are. 00:08:39 - I’ve just realised that’s homeless Lizzie from friends. Awesome! 00:13:27 - Ooh, suddenly he is a grown up. 00:18:59 - I think I would like a rocking chair. 00:20:47 - That’s the kid from Two and a Half Men. He’s all kinds of cute. 00:31:30 - “I’m not talking about college, I’m talking about wanting things in life.” 00:33:23 - They are so going to win District. 00:41:49 - What is that net thing by the guy throwing the ball? (pitcher?) 00:42:14 - He’s easily talked into throwing. Like calling him chicken. 00:43:50 - See, baseball looks like it could be fun to do, except all that sliding around in the dust. ****00:53:08 - I have no idea what’s going on in this game. Should probably learn something about baseball. 00:53:57 - Is it weird that he’s wearing his baseball cap under his helmet? 00:58:57 - The guy behind the batsmen tells the bowler what to do. Kind of like Rob does for Massa. 01:12:34 - Do they play baseball in the rain? Sliding around in the mud is even worse. 01:14:50 - I think if you blame your dad for everything that’s ever gone wrong in your life, it’s probably not a good idea to ask him for advice. 01:20:24 - “I don’t need a man to keep things running,” she says, because she’s a Texas woman. Probably true of all women to be fair. 01:24:22 - Did he think it would be super easy just to fit right back in to the swing of things? (Pun intended.) 01:31:26 - I love how nicknames appear. He’s called Old Man River because he’s old. They shorten it to River. **01:35:02 **- Presumably minor league baseball is like not quite being in the Premiership. 01:37:23 - He does look terribly old compared to the rest of the team.** **01:41:17 - I like that the kid is more interested in what a devil ray is than the whole baseball side of things. 01:44:49 - Is he playing against Texas, his home team? Oops. 01:47:19 - Bah, stock footage again.**** 01:51:59 - How freaking nervous would you be. Oldest guy on the team, first time in the major league, in front of your home crowd. 01:56:17 - All the press and media just disappeared! Unlikely.


Aside from the extended baseball sequences, where I had little clue what was going on, this was a nice little tale. It did fall right into that “injured and past it coach does awe-inspiring things” category, but this comes from a true story which makes it just that bit more interesting. The casting is great, with some fabulous performances, so I was happy I watched it.

Rating: 45

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