73. Heidi

Published August 27, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Heidi Director: Paul Marcus Year: 2005 Run time: 1hr 36

Background Info

This was another one that popped up on the iPlayer, and I really have no other reason for watching it than I haven’t seen any film or TV programme of Heidi. I listened to the book via Librivox, but hadn’t seen an on-screen version. I wanted to see how it came across by the medium of moving pictures.

Live Blog

00:01:12 - Wow, that cabin is just like I imagined from the books. 00:02:33 - Is that Mrs Doyle??? If she mentions tea, this whole thing will be ruined. 00:03:15 - Is it normal for little girls to turn up at your door asking for water? 00:06:59 - It must be freakishly cold to live in a cabin on top of a mountain. 00:08:05 - I wonder that if I ran towards some goats, they would probably run off. 00:11:13 - Is she Irish? 00:12:23 - Heidi is very adament. “Never EVER beat the goats again.” “I will never EVER pick the flowers again.” 00:13:16 - If this film is a bit of an advert for the Alps… it’s working! 00:18:09 - He went all that way in the snow for Heidi. He likes her. 00:20:55 - I feel like Grandfather was a bit more grumpy in the book. 00:23:30 - It’s all very well sledging down to Peter’s cabin, but you have to climb back up. 00:27:17 - I like that he won’t send her to school. He hates the education system as much as I do. 00:28:44 - Uh oh, Mrs Doyle is back. 00:35:22 - Her name is Adelheid? Weird. 00:38:10 - Nicest butler ever, although he may have OCD. 00:46:34 - It’s not a great habit to get into - promising money you don’t have, but that you think you might be able to get off your new friend/employer. 00:52:28 - Tortoise! 00:54:17 - I really like Sebastian the butler. I would like a butler, please. 01:00:06 - Why would the name Heidi be an embarrassment? 01:08:33 - Surely it’s obvious that a playmate for the girl needs to be happy. No use treating her like dirt, she’d just be miserable and bad company. 01:12:22 - Aw, bless Sebastian. 01:15:00 - Grandfather said don’t ever bring her back, he didn’t mention anything about her coming back of her own accord. 01:25:27 - I can’t believe Sebastian didn’t come. Okay, I’m obsessed with the butler. Bad times. **01:30:59 **- There is some kind of magic happening on those mountains. 01:32:40 - I reckon they might have written and told him about his daughter walking, rather than leaving it as a: “surprise!”** **


It had all the key moments, and was a pretty good-looking film, which is all you can really ask for. Sebastian certainly made it what it was for me. I couldn’t quite get my head around the girl playing Heidi and her accent, plus I was hoping for a bit more grump and then a genuine turnaround from Grandfather. Still, it was good.

Rating: 35

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