Published August 27, 2010


Film info

  • Title Heidi
  • Director Paul Marcus
  • Year 2005
  • Run time 1hr 36m
  • Genres Drama, Family
  • Tagline Johanna Spyri's beloved storybook comes to life

Paul Marcus directs this children's adventure based on the classic book by Johanna Spyri. Young Heidi (Emma Bolger) is sent to live with her bad-tempered grandfather (Max von Sydow) in the mountains, and before long she has managed to cheer him up. But when Heidi is forced to become a companion to a young disabled girl in Frankfurt, she discovers just how much she misses the mountains, her grandfather, and her animal friends. The cast also includes Geraldine Chaplin, Diana Rigg and Pauline McLynn.

Live Blog

1:12Wow, that cabin is just like I imagined from the books.
2:33Is that Mrs Doyle??? If she mentions tea, this whole thing will be ruined.
3:15Is it normal for little girls to turn up at your door asking for water?
6:59It must be freakishly cold to live in a cabin on top of a mountain.
8:05I wonder that if I ran towards some goats, they would probably run off.
11:13Is she Irish?
12:23Heidi is very adament. “Never EVER beat the goats again.” “I will never EVER pick the flowers again.”
13:16If this film is a bit of an advert for the Alps… it’s working!
18:09He went all that way in the snow for Heidi. He likes her.
20:55I feel like Grandfather was a bit more grumpy in the book.
23:30It’s all very well sledging down to Peter’s cabin, but you have to climb back up.
27:17I like that he won’t send her to school. He hates the education system as much as I do.
28:44Uh oh, Mrs Doyle is back.
35:22Her name is Adelheid? Weird.
38:10Nicest butler ever, although he may have OCD.
46:34It’s not a great habit to get into - promising money you don’t have, but that you think you might be able to get off your new friend/employer.
54:17I really like Sebastian the butler. I would like a butler, please.
1:00:06Why would the name Heidi be an embarrassment?
1:08:33Surely it’s obvious that a playmate for the girl needs to be happy. No use treating her like dirt, she’d just be miserable and bad company.
1:12:22Aw, bless Sebastian.
1:15:00Grandfather said don’t ever bring her back, he didn’t mention anything about her coming back of her own accord.
1:25:27I can’t believe Sebastian didn’t come. Okay, I’m obsessed with the butler. Bad times.
1:30:59There is some kind of magic happening on those mountains.
1:32:40I reckon they might have written and told him about his daughter walking, rather than leaving it as a: “surprise!”


This was another one that popped up on the iPlayer, and I really have no other reason for watching it than I haven’t seen any film or TV programme of Heidi. I listened to the book via LibriVox, but hadn’t seen an on-screen version. I wanted to see how it came across by the medium of moving pictures.

It had all the key moments, and was a pretty good-looking film, which is all you can really ask for. Sebastian certainly made it what it was for me. I couldn’t quite get my head around the girl playing Heidi and her accent, plus I was hoping for a bit more grump and then a genuine turnaround from Grandfather. Still, it was good.

Rating: 3 / 5

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