72. No Way Out

Published August 27, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: No Way Out Director: Roger Donaldson Year: 1987 Run time: 1hr 50

Background Info

This popped up on the iPlayer, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t keen. After one foiled attempt at watching A Few Good Men, seeing people in those crisp white navy suits makes me nervous. However, it’s Kevin Costner, and therefore it’s bound to be good. Eh-hem.

Live Blog

00:00:49 - Fantastic 80s graphics again. This time in gorgeous orange! 00:03:38 - Mr Costner looks so young! 00:04:03 - Is it possible to actually break a mug in your hands like that? 00:07:13 - Clapping with gloves on is rather ineffectual. 00:09:05 - How can people who don’t know each other hold a conversation like that? I don’t get it. 00:11:12 - This is very 80s. The saxophone, it’s always the saxophone. 00:14:57 - Do they really all wear matching baseball caps in the Navy? 00:24:39 - Is she always drunk or what? 00:28:22 - If this is some kind of promotion, they might have asked him how he felt about being taken off the boats. 00:31:57 - There’s a lot of men in suits. At least the navy ones are distinguishable because they wear shiny white suits. 00:36:05 - Uh oh, dodgy 80s sunglasses now as well. 00:39:41 - They’re keeping the boat all night! That guy will get in trouble with his boss. 00:42:11 - He went out the back so he does love her really. 00:44:39 - Worst falling over a balcony acting I have ever seen. 00:48:32 - He’s very thorough in his clean up, I feel he may have done that before. 00:53:02 - I don’t quite understand why the Navy are getting involved in a murder investigation. 01:00:21 - It’s funny he has to pick up a whole other phone to get another line. 01:10:39 - He was chasing them, then I blinked, and now he’s being chased. 01:11:20 - This music is a bit Batman. I’m expecting a Pow, Biff any second. 01:14:10 - He ended the chase scene with his face in another man’s crotch. Graceful. 01:33:15 - Oh no, don’t trust him! People should never assume who other people’s friends are. 01:33:37 - He’s going in the vent. Die Hard here we come. 01:34:44 - I wouldn’t trust that guy. His eyes are bugging out. **01:40:11 **- Woah, politicians do have a conscience. 01:42:09 - That was a bit more graphic than I’d have liked. 01:45:10 - A twist! 01:46:00 - He can go into hiding and live with Nina. Job done.


This was actually surprisingly good. It took a while to get going, setting up all the people, their relationships with each other and how they would come into contact once the deed was done - which wasn’t until halfway through the film. But once it picked up, it was pretty good, and I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end, which was a bonus. Gooo Costner!

Rating: 45

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