The Love Bug

Published August 15, 2010

The Love Bug

Film info

  • Title The Love Bug
  • Director Robert Stevenson
  • Year 1968
  • Run time 1hr 47m
  • Genres Comedy, Family, Fantasy
  • Tagline Herbie will honk his way into your heart

The first film featuring Herbie the Volkswagen, the little car with a mind of its own. Slapstick fun as Herbie gets involved with a race car driver (Dean Jones), after a stuffy rival (David Tomlinson) takes a haughty attitude towards the car.

Live Blog

1:00What kind of crazy racing is this? Oh, demolition derby!
2:00Some beautifully retro typeface giving us all the credits.
4:00“I’m not a mechanic, I’m a driver.”
7:00That car is far too yellow. I don’t approve. Never choose yellow over Herbie.
8:00The car salesman guy seems to be playing the exact same part that he did in Mary Poppins. Bit snippy, bit shouty.
10:00He’s a racing driver taking public transport. Ridiculous!
12:00Yay for Herbie! Never stand near the car and shout. Noted.
13:00Aww, Herbie was scared of the big lorries. Although… driving the wrong way down the freeway would be equally frightening.
15:00“Ohhh, THAT Jim Douglas.”
15:00Laguna Seca, I’ve heard of that.
20:00Herbie the matchmaker!
21:00You really shouldn’t wear a white coat if you’re going to start digging around in a car engine.
24:00His best friend is kinda crazy. The stop light makes him wait six seconds longer than anyone else.
27:00Ah, Herbie gets his name! Named after the mechanics uncle. That’s less glamorous than I would have hoped.
28:00Herbie has his colours and numbers now, too. That’s the Herbie we know and love!
31:00Is Jim going to spend the entire film with a dirty face?
33:00They have to stick their hand out the car to signal they’re ready to race? Madness!
34:00I like that Herbie and the mechanic have an affinity so quickly.
37:00I don’t want to pick holes, but there was no Herbie in that wide shot they just showed. May just be stock racing footage?
38:00Perhaps Jim should try shutting his windows, that might save getting a dirty face.
39:00They didn’t have tractors and cranes in the ’60s? Donkey will do to retrieve a car.
41:00Honesty = “a quality not necessarily to be despised.”
48:00Jim is always chewing in the car. I don’t think you’re allowed to do that in motorsport these days.
1:02:00That’s an actual phone in a car. Twirly lead and everything.
1:06:00The man appears to be walking around in a load of paintings - also similar to Mary Poppins!
1:07:00Is it right that Herbie’s suicide attempt is hilarious?
1:13:00Mr Thorndyke came up with the idea of small print? Real boos!
1:15:00They’re going to race with all three of them in the car? There must be some kind of… eh-hem… weight disadvantage there!
1:22:00I wish this was a real race. It’s a cross between rallying and F1, and endurance racing thrown in as well.
1:39:00The green screen is so bad. Herbie is meant to be to the left of Herbie as we look, but the yellow car is on the left hand side. Herbie woulda been over the cliff.
1:42:00Motorsport is dangerous enough, isn’t it? I know, let’s add some blowtorch into the mix!
1:44:00They must stop being quite so patronising. “The little car” this and “the little car” that.
1:47:00It wouldn’t freak people out at all to see a car with no driver.


This was another movie we watched in our Sidepodfilmclub - where a group of us gather round and comment our way through the film. It was great fun, and it still counts towards my Film Watch - although some of the timings may be a bit less accurate than normal.

Quite a lot of people came to the conclusion that watching The Love Bug was like being on drugs for about 90 minutes. It was definitely a lot of fun but also quite confusing. There was a bear in the car at one point! It also went a bit too Wacky Races at points, which was a bit of a turnoff. I know green screening wasn’t great back then, but it was slightly off-putting as well. Good film but not as epic as I’d hoped.

Rating: 3 / 5

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