65. Dorian Gray

Published July 24, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Dorian Gray Director: Oliver Parker Year: 2009 Run time: 1hr 52

Background Info

The original film was one of the iTunes 99p films of the week a while back, and I watched it. Back then, I noted that it was probably there because the new film was floating around. Who knew it would also appear as a 99p film too?

Live Blog

****00:00:30 - So, I have seen the original and now I’m watching the remake - a first for Film Watch? 00:01:51 - The original was quite slow paced. The trailer made this look action packed. I wonder which this will be. 00:03:19 - He’s a great look for the role. Mostly beautiful but kinda odd-looking too. 00:06:01 - That’s a piano that needs retuning. 00:09:53 - In the first film, I’m pretty sure I was like: “Who is that man to talk to him like that?” I am getting the same feeling now. 00:13:32 - It must be tricky to make ‘painting a picture’ sinister. 00:18:16 - Ooh, that is a really good painting. 00:22:19 - An actress in this, not a singer. 00:24:17 - She’s wearing an awful lot of makeup. How can he see through that? 00:26:39 - I feel bad for Basil. He tries so hard and silly Colin Firth is such a bad influence. 00:29:34 - Ooh, that’s Emilia Fox! Yay! 00:32:46 - “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” 00:43:22 - He doesn’t like hugging. 00:45:35 - How rude to take the painting down and rub it in Basil’s face. 00:50:00 - Woah. He is properly evil. ****00:53:50 - SNAKE! ****01:03:15 - How could you live with yourself? Really? 01:06:26 - “The child is imminent.” I like that. 01:06:44 - What an awesome graveyard. Is that real or green screen? 01:08:49 - Ooh, look, they all got old. 01:14:56 - He did actually care about her then. That’s good to know. 01:17:33 - You’d think he might have changed his hair in all that time. Or maybe he can’t. 01:20:39 - It can’t be a good idea to get involved with his best friend’s daughter. **01:24:32 **- Blimey, the old butler man is still alive. ****01:39:17 - Did Harry figure it all out? 01:40:59 - It’s fitting that Harry found him out seeing as he was the one who made him like that. 01:46:20 - How did the picture survive the fire?


As remakes go, this one certainly wasn’t offensive to the original, but I just didn’t get the same sense of tension and fear and confusion, all the things that the slow burning story needs. There’s not actually much plot, is there, a guy swaps places with a picture, so it’s all about the characters instead. These days, that’s tricky to pull off with movies needing action, and I don’t think the balance was quite right here.

Rating: 25

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