Published February 6, 2016


Film info

  • Title Sicario
  • Director Denis Villeneuve
  • Year 2015
  • Run time 2hrs 1m
  • Genres
  • Tagline The border is just another line to cross

From the director of PRISONERS comes this taut, critically acclaimed thriller filled with pulse-pounding suspense. After an idealistic FBI agent (Emily Blunt) is recruited by a government task-force official (Josh Brolin) to pursue a drug lord, she begins a perilous mission that forces her to question everything she believes—and pits her against a shadowy consultant (Oscar® winner Benicio Del Toro) with a dangerous agenda.

Background info

Title: Sicario Director: Denis Villeneuve Year: 2015 Run time: 2hrs 1m

Live blog

2:25 – This is the second film where the FBI have driven through a person’s house. Who knew that was a thing? 7:57 – That really is a house of horrors. Jeez Louise. 11:39 – Their soundproof glass is amazing. 17:52 – Beautiful views from the plane. I need to fly over land more. 18:53 – “You’re asking me how a watch works. For now, let’s just keep an eye on the time.” 25:57 – It’s so gorgeous, the landscape shots. 31:10 – I like Benicio’s quiet confidence here. Man of few words, but every one is important. 39:16 – “Sponge everything up.” That’s a new verb. 51:11 – Lawyers would want to know everything. 1:02:30 – “I want to follow some semblance of procedure.” 1:12:58 – Loving the relationship between Kate and her partner, he’s never going to survive to the end. 1:23:32 – They’re being treated like incompetents just because they’re not CIA. Oh, hey, they are the local police this time! 1:27:55 – A tunnel in the middle of the night in the desert is scary as! 1:30:45 – That gunfire must be so loud down there. 1:34:38 – She has been in the wars. 1:38:11 – Mostly what I’m getting from this film, aside from all the tension, is a desire to brush up my Spanish. 1:41:48 – Poor Silvio. 1:52:08 – In trying to prove they went by the book, he goes further and further away from the book! 1:54:57 – You don’t want to kick your football over that fence!


This film had some incredibly good things going for it, the individual elements that were really strong: beautiful scenery, great camera angles and shot placements, fabulous cast (although Emily Blunt was nowhere near as kick-ass as the trailer made her out to be), and a brilliant ability to increase tension with very little material. The scene on the bridge, with cars inching along in a traffic jam, it was bizarrely intense - the kind where Mr C and I looked at each other at the end and just let out the breaths we’d been holding.

Unfortunately, the elements didn’t all add up to a great movie. It was tense but there was no real payoff. Blunt was our way in to the story but they really didn’t tell her anything. There’s one scene where she’s yelling at the guy “I’m going to tell them what you did.” And that seemed like a really big deal, but even now I"m still not totally sure what he did.

I get the ending but it felt like an anti-climax after such build-up and great work during the first 90 minutes. Ultimately a disappointment.

Rating: 2/5.

Rating: 2 / 5

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