The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Published January 2, 2016

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Film info

  • Title The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  • Director Guy Ritchie
  • Year 2015
  • Run time 1hr 56m
  • Genres
  • Tagline Saving the world never goes out of style

Set against the backdrop of the early 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. centers on CIA agent Solo (Man of Steel's Henry Cavill) and KGB agent Kuryakin (The Social Network's Armie Hammer). Forced to put aside longstanding hostilities, the two team up on a joint mission to stop a mysterious international criminal organization, which is bent on destabilizing the fragile balance of power through the proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology. The duo's only lead is the daughter of a vanished German scientist, who is the key to infiltrating the criminal organization, and they must race against time to find him and prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

Background info

Title: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Director: Guy Ritchie Year: 2015 Run time: 1hr 56m

Live blog

4:39 – Love pretty Alicia Vikander. It’s nice to see her not being a robot. 6:21 – Winding down the window with your foot is clever, but couldn’t do it with modern day buttons. 7:42 – I’m slightly not buying the big car/little car fight, but it’s such a cute car! 10:49 – Love fun subtitles. 12:05 – “He’s trying to stop the car.” 15:19 – I love a genius spy. 21:04 – That’s no computer disk that I recognise. Old skool. 24:23 – She stormed out without paying for those clothes. Life was so different in those days. 31:46 – Loving that visible rage bubbling up. 43:22 – Backdrop of Motorsport, always a good sound. 46:25 – Just hanging about in the pit lane, as you do. 52:17 –

“What is that?’ “Super-hardened boron sharpened with a CO2 laser.” “Hmm." The Russian starts using his own tool, and off the American’s incredulous look, he shrugs: “CO2 laser.”

We should be worried the Russians have all the best stuff!

1:07:11 – He bugged him again! 1:12:06 – The worst thing about the period drama is the telephones. The 60s does not do good phone! 1:19:54 – It’s nice that they have to rescue each other. 1:21:35 – “I’ll inform on anyone, I don’t even need to know them.” 1:27:06 – Love Hugh Grant. 1:27:23 – “For a special agent, you’re not having a very special day, are you?” 1:33:58 – Moon buggy, bike and a jeep. It’s all gone a bit Top Gear. 1:42:52 – Argh, I hate it when they give us all the information and I don’t notice it!


What a brilliant film! I’ve heard the words Man from Uncle before, but had no idea what the TV show was about. Was keen on watching this from the trailer, because it looked so beautiful, stylish and amusing in places. Plus, after all those Bond films, I’m jonesing for a good spy movie.

It really was arty, beautifully shot, with so many clever little details that added to the joy of watching it. I also liked that the action scenes weren’t too heavy going - masked either by classical music, or split screen masterpieces. Instead, the focus was on the tension, the changing relationships and unravelling the task in hand.

I enjoyed when they were being genius spies but it was just as good to see them fail (suspect catching fire while they debate what to do with him). Beautiful film, well made, eminently rewatchable. I hope there are more.

Also very fun spotting the bonus Beckham at the beginning.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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