Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

Published July 4, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait Director: Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno Year: 2006 Run time: 1hr 31

Background Info

Does this even count as a film? I wasn’t sure, because it doesn’t seem very film-like, but the BBC said it was a film. I saw people talking about this in our Sidepodcast comments, and thought I’d have a look, now I am an expert on all things football.

Live Blog

00:01:08 - I like that font. Mr C could probably tell me what it is. 00:01:49 - The pattern is making my eyes go funny. 00:05:09 - It would be good if they got him to wear helmet cam. 00:06:13 - He looks a bit grumpy. 00:07:30 - Wait a minute… is David Beckham in this? He was there back then, right? 00:08:14 - Mmm, Frosties. 00:11:50 - So, I always thought football was a lot of running about but he seems to be walking far more than I’d imagine. 00:14:59 - Hey look, that’s a proper football. No Jabulani moments here. 00:15:44 - He speaks! 00:19:16 - Zidane reminds me of someone but I can’t quite think who. 00:20:34 - He drips quite a lot too. 00:20:54 - Hey, that’s Forlan! I know him from the World Cup. 00:22:29 - I like that you can hear the crunching of the grass. 00:27:05 - Why would you want to imagine the tick of a watch? Most annoying noise ever. 00:32:54 - Do they really talk to the ref like that? Who’d be a ref? 00:34:15 - He seems to be getting to the ball a bit more. 00:38:23 - I wish I knew what the score was. I think the other team scored a goal. 00:40:51 - They should do this at half time in every game. 00:43:18 - It feels a lot more lonely than I would have imagined. 00:51:06 - Beckham!!! 00:58:21 - His kit is still quite dazzling white. His colleagues have got a bit more muddy. 01:02:17 - GOAL! 01:02:22 - He didn’t look very happy about it. 01:04:07 - Is it because he didn’t actually get to score and just set it up? I never thought about that before. Poor people that do the crosses and get none of the glory. 01:06:49 - GOAL! 01:06:56 - He’s clapping this time. Bit happier. 01:08:09 - He touched Beckham! 01:12:05 - I like the way the music comes in and out. It puts me in mind of Baz Luhrmann. 01:17:12 - Woah. It’s all getting a bit violent now. 01:18:52 - Good job he wasn’t substituted at half time, or this would have been a pretty short film. 01:21:39 - Smiling and a conversation? It’s like a completely different man. 01:24:33 - Yay for Beckham to the rescue! What do you mean this is a film about Zidane??


Considering the premise - watching one man jog about a football field for 90 minutes - this was surprisingly watchable. I have to admit that I was multi-tasking, I couldn’t have simply stared at the screen for that long, but even so, I did enjoy it. It was certainly an added insight into football that you wouldn’t really get any other way.

Rating: 35

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