61. Lethal Weapon

Published July 3, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Lethal Weapon Director: Richard Donner Year: 1987 Run time: 1hr 49

Background Info

This is one of those films that I’d definitely heard of but never really knew what it was all about. I didn’t even know Mel Gibson was in it! With no new movies on our radar to rent, we decided to dip into the archive.

Live Blog

00:00:18 - Shocking graphics! 00:01:35 - Eric Clapton! 00:02:36 - I don’t know how anyone gets anything done with nails like that. 00:03:57 - Although it appears suicide is achievable. 00:04:59 - My birthday wish would be to take a bath in peace. 00:06:00 - Baywatch makes the beaches look a lot more glamorous. 00:06:31 - What is up with all these naked people? I don’t like it. 00:10:26 - Woah, must we pan up to the sun? I don’t want to be blinded by films. 00:14:09 - So, he’s unorthodox but good at his job. Got it. 00:17:26 - There’s the Eric Clapton music. 00:17:53 - Unorthodox, good at his job, and also troubled. 00:18:50 - She describes him as psychotic. I’m with her. 00:21:14 - There is nothing that dates a movie quite like a saxophone. 00:22:20 - Title! 00:29:22 - He’s funny. I like him. 00:33:22 - That is one epic bouncy castle. 00:34:16 - He has reeeeally bad hair. 00:35:54 - What the… is that meant to be a mobile? It’s a suitcase. 00:39:04 - It doesn’t look much like Christmas. 00:47:09 - “I don’t make things complicated, that’s just the way they get all by themselves.” 00:57:26 - He’s quite a good shot! 01:00:46 - That’s a complete rip-off of “Don’t tell him, Pike!” 01:16:46 - Is he going far away because he’s a good shot? 01:19:14 - Surely they just want him dead. Why didn’t they just shoot him? 01:23:00 - How do you stop a car with a helicopter? 01:29:26 - He went very Sayid for a moment there. ****01:35:56 - Woah, loads of flames. I love it. 01:37:01 - He’s letting him drive, finally. Bless.**** 01:40:41 - Why are they fighting? He was pointing a gun at him just now, and there are a million police around. 01:41:47 - We’ve come to the conclusion it’s because he’s mental. 01:46:41 - “Do you want to come in, we’re building,” is a great chat up line.


The way this film started, I didn’t think it would be up to much. The graphics were so freaking terrible, and it couldn’t have been more 80s. Of course, it won me over, and the relationship between the two made it what it was. There were a few plot holes in my mind, but in the end, it was all good.

Rating: 45

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