Song One

Published August 20, 2015

Song One

Film info

  • Title Song One
  • Director Kate Barker-Froyland
  • Year 2014
  • Run time 1hr 26m
  • Genres
  • Tagline A moment can change everything

When Franny discovers her brother Henry is in a coma after a serious accident, she drops everything and returns home. As she starts to retrace his life as an aspiring musician, she tracks down his musical idol, rising star James Forester. When James agrees to visit her brother in the hospital, the two begin an unexpected relationship that inspires them to deeply examine themselves in this life-changing drama.

Background info

Title: Song One Director: Kate Barker-Froyland Year: 2014 Run time: 1hr 26m

Live blog

1:04 - He seems a bit loud for a tunnel like that, really. 5:58 - You know you’ve seen BTTF too many times when you can guess Mary S from her tear-shaken phone voice. 7:53 - Look both ways is parenting 101, you can’t blame yourself for that. 13:39 - Seems a bit cheeky to use the ticket, but I guess he wasn’t going to use it. 16:35 - Looping his stuff, that’s so Ed Sheeran. 19:38 - That’s quite a lot of guilt to lay on a singer you’ve never met before. 25:57 - This James guy goes a bit high for my tastes! 28:08 - “He’s the only 19 year old I’ve ever seen with a gramophone.” Well, yea. 32:16 - “What’s your deal?” is a really horrible question to kick off with. 37:36 - Three to five minutes. 42:00 - Never thought it’d make a good movie to watch someone go down a YouTube rabbit hole. 46:37 - “There’s a cat waving at you.” 48:06 - I’m sure his next question should have been what the heck is a half birthday. 1:03:48 - It’s fun when people say “I don’t remember” directly after that dawning look of realisation. 1:05:03 - Loving psycho Mary. 1:07:59 - There’s not a lot of sleep in this film. 1:13:21 - He’s so sweet just waiting outside, not intruding on family time. 1:18:27 - Why would they put the gig on a screen in the hall where anyone could watch without a ticket? Weird.


After a hectic day which involved taking in a lot of information and thus resulted in whirling brains, we were looking for something calm and quiet to reset the balance in the evening. This film ticked those boxes, but I think it went too far in the other direction really.

I wanted to like it, it had all the earnest qualities that should make for a good film - good actors, an interesting story, some decent music and lovely Mary Steenburgen - but they didn’t quite all gel together like they should have, and it was… in the end… a bit boring.

I also got really frustrated with Johnny Flynn’s character. Sometimes it’s nice to have a stumbling, shy lead character and see how he manages to grow into himself. This time, it was just too much leading me to feel awkward almost constantly he was on the screen. They can’t have been aiming for that. Anne Hathaway seemed to have a better balanced character and held her screen time well, but I really do think it just wasn’t interesting enough to carry a full length film.

Rating: 1/5.

Rating: 1 / 5

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