60. Sherlock Holmes

Published June 13, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Sherlock Holmes Director: Guy Ritchie Year: 2009 Run time: 2hrs 08

Background Info

I don’t really know why I was keen to watch this, aside from the obvious Downey Jr aspect. It looks very shiny and I was intrigued that Guy Ritchie directed such a… um… mainstream kind of film.

Live Blog

00:00:07 - I know very little about Sherlock Holmes. I’ve only read The Return Of… 00:03:39 - That feeling you’ve forgotten something could be TWO things? Gah. 00:09:51 - “Is it November?” Man after my own heart. 00:15:23 - Oops. Social blunder. I like him. 00:16:07 - Wait, he boxes? I like him a little bit less. 00:17:33 - Discombobulate! That should be part of every good plan, I think. 00:21:11 - Mr Watson is a big ol’ party pooper. 00:22:37 - Their eyes are so sparkly. If they are contact lenses, there might be a flaw in Victorian authenticity. 00:26:12 - I get the feeling that wonky tooth is fake. How would they find dodgy teeth in Hollywood? 00:31:12 - Dr Watson is not quick, is he? Bless him. 00:32:57 - Why does he play the violin like a guitar? 00:34:46 - He’s proper smart. That was him all along! 00:38:24 - I love this film. 00:43:14 - Holmes is quite awesome, but he must be the most annoying friend ever. 00:43:52 - Is that money? It’s like the size of my head. 00:46:58 - Gross. Dissected frogs should come with a warning. 00:49:16 - That is one enormous man. 00:50:14 - That could be the world’s first taser. 00:54:55 - The boat… it kinda sank. 00:59:48 - He can tell where he is even though he’s blindfolded? 01:13:10 - He reminds me of the guy from Ocean’s Eleven. Italian looks, greased back hair, husky evil voice. 01:16:41 - They’re all being terribly British. 01:21:49 - He’s taking the weight of two people? Crikey. 01:25:07 - Some amazing slowed down scenes in this. 01:29:00 - Although that woman did just go American. Accent fail. 01:32:53 - Is that the Thames? Did I accidentally switch to Eastenders? 01:39:44 - So.. it was all faked? I don’t know what to believe anymore! 01:44:58 - That shot of parliament looked a bit… modern. 02:01:04 - Hmm, way to finish and leave it open for a sequel.


I loved this up to a point. The characters were awesome, Downey Jr was as excellent as I thought he would be. The relationship between Holmes and Watson was perfect. The story left a lot to be desired, though. It started out okay, but it was a bit too mystical, and the end got all scrappy so that I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. It felt like a let down, but the characters made up for it. If they do make a sequel, which I would like, the story had better be… well, better.

Rating: 35

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