Diamonds Are Forever

Published July 26, 2015

Diamonds Are Forever

Film info

  • Title Diamonds Are Forever
  • Director Guy Hamilton
  • Year 1971
  • Run time 2hrs
  • Genres
  • Tagline The man who made 007 a household number

Fragments of Ian Fleming's original 1954 novel remain, including the characters of the alluring Tiffany Case and fey hitmen Wint and Mr. Kidd. The remainder of Richard Maibaum and Tom Mankiewicz's script diverges dramatically from the novel, involving Bond in a scheme by the insidious Ernst Blofeld to force the world powers to disarm, so that he can take over the globe. Folksinger Jimmy Dean shows up briefly as a Howard Hughes-like reclusive billionaire, while Lana Wood participates in one of the film's edgiest cliffhangers.

Background info

Title: Diamonds Are Forever **Director: **Guy Hamilton Year: 1971 Run time: 2hrs

Live blog

1:29 - Like the Fez going round the roulette wheel. Ha! 6:22 - I’m not sure the dubbing people should get a credit, it’s not the best. 8:39 - Amazing how much difference the four years have made to Sean. 9:36 - “Refreshing to hear there’s one subject you’re not an expert on.” 16:03 - Moneypenny is a bit out of line asking for a diamond ring. Dude’s just lost his wife! 24:39 - Fire extinguisher to the face. Eek. 27:20 - Yay Felix! 32:49 - Once again, James Bond delivers the nightmares. The coffin thing this time. 40:54 - “I didn’t know there was a pool down there.” Creepy. 47:53 - Elephant playing the fruit machines. 54:48 - Las Vegas is not good for following someone in a car, it’s just one massive straight road. 56:07 - I didn’t realise these early James Bonds were so bunkerific! 58:01 - I’ll give him his due, this is some good spying from 007. 1:00:17 - Mooooon buggy. 1:06:17 - We both just remembered at exactly the same time… greatest movie mistake coming up. 1:09:17 - Bed of fish is an interesting idea but looks crazy uncomfortable. 1:21:14 - Never known JB get into so many scrapes like this! 1:30:44 - “I’m being somewhat successful, thank you.” Big cheater, that Q. 1:46:21 - Aw, bless, she was only trying to help.


It was weird, to me, that Sean Connery came back for another film. It’s one thing to be able to compartmentalise, to be able to follow changes in actor when they occur in a series, but it’s another to swap in and out as you feel like it. I was thankful that it was such a good story, though, as it made the transition back to familiarity so much easier!

I did think it was weird that his dead wife wasn’t mentioned at all. I know the films are all stand alone, really, and perhaps that’s partly our fault for watching them so close together, but it felt odd. The whole funeral parlour/coffin thing felt particularly close to the bone, but Bond didn’t even flinch.

Anyway, there were some really good sequences in this one - I loved the buggy, and the cruise ship bit at the end. The lift fight was great and the car chase was fun, even with it’s slight error. Really enjoyed it all, perhaps the best SC one of the lot.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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