59. Lost

Published June 13, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Lost Director: Darren Lemke Year: 2004 Run time: 1hr 22

Background Info

This film popped up on iPlayer and yes, I’ll admit it, I only watched it because it was called Lost, and wasn’t there a TV show called that as well?

I was also a bit tempted to see how well Superman fared without Lois.

Live Blog

****00:01:58 - Needs more Google Maps. 00:03:46 - This is all very Phone Booth. 00:05:59 - The air freshener is significant? 00:07:47 - Is Road Aid an actual thing? 00:10:25 - I wonder what her online resources are. Definitely not Google. 00:11:29 - Litterbug! Just cos you’re in the middle of the desert, that’s no excuse. 00:12:06 - He does know that driving faster doesn’t save fuel, right? 00:13:30 - Yay for being picked up on the litterbug thing. 00:16:36 - Oooh, he’s one of the robbers! No wonder he was worried about the policeman. 00:19:33 - It looks like he has a lot of make up on. 00:21:31 - He’s definitely told his wife too much. 00:25:45 - He talks too much. Archer could have been listening. 00:27:28 - Woah. See what I said? Archer was listening. 00:30:50 - That’s a good point, he couldn’t tell him where he is even if he wanted to. 00:31:48 - If that was my phone, it would have run out of battery by now. 00:35:45 - Do people really keep keys in their cars? Even in the middle of the desert, I still wouldn’t. 00:37:20 - How does he do that? The cop keeps getting in front and then passing him again. 00:40:05 - Interesting how the truck had everything he needed, i.e. binoculars. 00:45:29 - I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or not. 00:48:50 - Hey, wait a minute. How did he get the truck going again? 00:49:37 - I don’t like people that write all over their maps. 00:51:19 - He’s been there before. He needs Judy again. Or Google Maps. 00:54:11 - Where do I recognise the tropper from? (IMDB says nowhere.) 00:57:22 - Those look like pretty treacherous driving conditions, even on straight roads. 00:59:40 - Does she have her internet resources at her brother’s house too? 01:01:29 - Does everyone have a favourite colour? 01:04:14 - He can’t possibly remember the directions after all that chatting. I certainly don’t. 01:08:02 - He should turn into Superman right about now. That would solve everything. 01:10:04 - That’s ever so slightly Back to the Future. 01:19:43 - Nice little tip at the end. Duly noted.


This was actually a good film. It was slow paced but intriguing, and the suspense gradually built until the end. Even though it was actually quite obvious, I didn’t get the twist until it happened. Dean Cain was pretty good, considering he had to hold the screen for essentially the whole film. I was happily surprised.

Rating: 45

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