You Only Live Twice

Published July 17, 2015

You Only Live Twice

Film info

  • Title You Only Live Twice
  • Director Lewis Gilbert
  • Year 1967
  • Run time 1hr 57m
  • Genres
  • Tagline You only live twice... and twice is the only way to live

James Bond heads East to save the world in this action-packed espionage adventure. When an American spacecraft disappears during a mission, it's widely believed to have been intercepted by the Soviet Union, and after a Russian space capsule similarly goes missing, most consider it to be an act of American retaliation. Soon the two nations are at the bring of war, but British intelligence discovers that some sort of UFO was involved. Agent 007, James Bond, is sent in to investigate.

Background info

Title: You Only Live Twice Director: Lewis Gilbert Year: 1967 Run time: 1hr 57m

Live blog

1:37 - So this being the 60s, is this futuristic space stuff or realistic? 3:22 - OMG, it’s like Gravity, being abandoned in space. 4:09 - “The world knows we are a peace loving people.” 6:53 - It is the way he’d want to go. 8:21 - ACTUAL Roald Dahl. 9:49 - How did I not know JB was off of the navy? 12:17 - Wood panel room in a submarine? Why would you do that? 19:20 - Fun with code phrases. 22:04 - Stirred not shaken, what is this madness? 26:50 - I always carry my safecracking equipment in my jacket pocket, don’t you? 30:05 - “You will get into anything with any girl.' 31:43 - A bunker and a private train. Wowser. 47:02 - Oh, we went through that whole chase and then he got beat! 55:22 - James’s helmet has a really early version of a GoPro. Amazing. 1:00:19 - I like that the Russian bits don’t have subtitles. You get the gist, they’d be unnecessary. 1:04:28 - Painfully Thunderbirds. 1:06:27 - Well I never thought of a monorail in a bunker. 1:10:26 - Ninjas! 1:24:17 - The Americans have changed launch to midnight. Let’s be honest, it’d be 12:04 or something. 1:40:34 - Blofeld reveal has blown my mind for many reasons. 1:53:07 - I don’t mind stock footage per se, but where did the lava come from?


Now I have an even greater understanding of what Austin Powers is all about. The volcano, the space stuff, the minions on their little buggies, and of course, Blofeld, everything was recognisable, but this time the original concept rather than the spoof. I loved it. Rather than in previous outings, where there have been bizarre directing decisions (sped up footage being the main culprit), this one was all believable, if somewhat Thunderbirds in places.

It also felt as though Bond’s romantic attachments were slightly more meaningful in this one (only slightly), and the mystery of his faking his own death and ending up on a submarine was great fun - as was infiltrating the factory twice. Each Bond film has been my favourite so far, but I somehow think the next one won’t follow the same pattern.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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