Published July 12, 2015


Film info

  • Title Goldfinger
  • Director Guy Hamilton
  • Year 1964
  • Run time 1hr 40m
  • Genres
  • Tagline Everything he touches turns into excitement!

From the opening bomb blast outside a steamy nightclub to a last-minute escape from the president's personal jet, James Bond's third screen adventure is an exhilarating, pulse-pounding thrill-ride! Sean Connery takes command as Agent 007 and faces off with a maniacal villain bent on destroying all the gold in Fort Knox - and obliterating the world economy!

Background info

Title: Goldfinger Director: Guy Hamilton Year: 1964 Run time: 1hr 40m

Live blog

1:16 - Seagull on the head is not a dignified look for Mr Bond. 4:28 - I mean, I get that she double crossed him but harsh to put her in the way of the bludgeoning man! 9:03 - The swimming pool with a viewing window is boggling my mind a bit. 12:25 - It’s not exactly a subtle way of cheating, there’s a wire sticking out of his ear! 18:22 - Hadn’t heard of skin suffocation. That sounds awful. 23:32 - The Aston Martin! Also, I’m far too impressed with the revolving number plates. 30:49 - There’s quite a lot of implied golf knowledge here, I think. What the heck is the difference between a 1 and a 7? 40:43 - She tried to kill JB, but she was kinda cool. Her name is Trilly, though. 42:15 - His car is gold? That is genius. 45:50 - How can a car creat such an inferno? 48:39 - Passenger ejector seat is amazing. 52:09 - Properly tense. 55:10 - Aww, lovely Honor. 1:07:45 - That is a tricksy little room Goldfinger has. I kinda like it. 1:12:00 - Bullion Boulevard. 1:18:00 - I assume that wasn’t real gold in the boot of that car, you wouldn’t be able to lift it like that. 1:24:08 - Radioactive gold! 1:36:35 - That vault looks mega. 1:41:50 - Odd job has permanent smug face. 1:45:56 - It all worked out okay, but slightly don’t believe she would have changed sides like that.


The best of the Bond films so far, although his womanising ways seemed to take far too much precedence in this one. The story was solid, Goldfinger a credible baddy, and Odd Job absolutely terrifying (except when I was reminded of “Who throws a shoe?").

Honor Blackman was so awesome, a feisty pilot with judo skills, taking no nonsense from anyone - it seems completely ridiculous that a quick fumble in the hay with Bond (which was a little bit rapey, it has to be said), would change her mind to such a degree. He’s good, sure, but that good?

Anyway, it was nice to see so many women in the film, important to the plot as well. It was also brilliant to see Q and his workshop, and the scene with the introduction of the Aston Martin was lovely. A great Bond film, but I’ll be honest and say I can’t wait till we get a little bit more modern.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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