58. Die Hard

Published May 31, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Die Hard Director: John McTiernan Year: 1988 Run time: 2hr 12

Background Info

Our somewhat regular weekly movie slot appeared and we weren’t sure what to watch. A quick scan through the Film Watch suggestions list and Die Hard jumped out of us. We’ve both seen it before but could barely remember it. Personally, I saw Die Hard II before I saw this one, and that is the one that I love more than anything (despite the whole plane thing).

Live Blog

00:01:24 - How do you make a fist with your toes? Don’t you have to be an actual monkey to do that? 00:02:13 - I have never used one of those baggage things. I think I would get pulled onto it. 00:05:05 - She didn’t say bye. Just hung up on the babysitter. How rude. 00:06:17 - Isn’t he supposed to be in the back of the limo? 00:07:49 - A tape! 00:09:59 - Was he annoyed that she put her maiden name? 00:13:47 - Gah, the sniffing is so annoying. If ever there was a reason not to do drugs. 00:15:58 - He wouldn’t like me very much. I didn’t even take my husband’s name in the first place. 00:19:45 - I was just saying Bruce is in his vest, it’s about time they started blowing things up. 00:23:58 - Only Bruce can fight off terrorists in bare feet. 00:26:27 - He knows everything about this guy but not what he looks like? 00:32:49 - Dry ice and blue lighting. I sense the influence of Jan de Bont. 00:34:19 - If he talks to himself, then I think it’s okay. Not a sign of madness at all. 00:36:47 - Those are some pretty bad glasses. The only sign of the 80s so far though. 00:40:06 - I like a fountain in a skyscraper. Can I have a fountain in my house? 00:42:35 - All these behind the scenes places of a building you don’t normally see. All sorts of things could be happening in there. 00:44:36 - “Do I sound like I wanted a pizza?” 00:47:47 - There was an episode of Casualty involving a giant fan. It didn’t end well. 00:50:38 - How very Lara Croft! 00:57:23 - That is one way of getting his attention, for sure. Let’s just throw dead bodies around. 01:00:54 - That’s the guy on the plane in Die Hard II, right? 01:04:29 - Why do the LAPD have a massive truck? 01:07:51 - Aww, he noticed. I liked it when he was partying in the limo obliviously. 01:09:12 - How do giant lights help? Also, they really need some Lite Panels. 01:15:45 - His name is Hans? Is he supposed to be German? The accent is not great. 01:17:06 - I like that he ever so slightly has no idea what he is doing. He’s no James Bond. 01:26:06 - Al is awesome. 01:30:06 - Everyone in the FBI is called Johnson. 01:33:16 - He’s not disguising his voice well. I don’t believe Bruce would fall for it. 01:36:10 - Ugh, kneecaps, gross. 01:38:58 - “Only John can drive somebody that crazy.” 01:54:09 - Hollywood is obsessed with Vietnam. 02:03:04 - That is a long way to fall. Ouch. 02:03:20 - She’s kissing him and he’s all bloody and gross. 02:05:53 - I knew Al was awesome! 02:06:46 - Oh, and that’s why he has a restraining order! Now it all makes sense.


Always love Bruce saving the world. There aren’t as many catchphrases in here as I thought there were but still, I love it. I still like the second one more, but this one must have been good because it broke the dreaded two hour barrier and I didn’t even notice. Go Bruce!

Rating: 55

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