She's Funny That Way

Published June 27, 2015

She's Funny That Way

Film info

  • Title She's Funny That Way
  • Director Peter Bogdanovich
  • Year 2014
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline The question is, who is doing who?

Young Hollywood starlet Isabella (Imogen Poots) recalls how the actions of charming Broadway director, Arnold (Owen Wilson), changed her life forever. A classic style New York romantic comedy with touches of classic screwball and a sprinkling of terrific cameos, the former escort reminisces to a reporter about her rags to riches fairy tale - a chain of events affecting the lives of everyone involved, including Arnold's wife Delta, leading man Seth, playwright Joshua and even Isabella's therapist, Jane.

Background info

Title: She’s Funny That Way Director: Peter Bogdanovich Year: 2014 Run time: 1hr 33m

Live blog

1:42 - “I think we all need a little magic from time to time, don’t you think?” 4:02 - The weather is oppressively perfect. 6:02 - The butter stick? That sounds like a genius idea. 10:31 - Since when do hotel rooms have doorbells? 12:19 - Loving her accent. “Miyald.” As in not spicy. 18:01 - Eek, he flooded the bathroom by trying to hide a phone call! 19:48 - She seems like the worst therapist ever. Amazing. 25:22 - “You don’t joke in therapy.” 26:39 - Didn’t know you could get dog flaps. Reckon you could get a burglar through there. 33:25 - You’re supposed to say the “promise you’ll always be my friend” before you drop the bombshell. 33:47 - Since when are there three syllables in pregnant? 38:27 - “I’m not judgemental but that’s just stupid.” 43:40 - Loving all the connections in the restaurant. Boyfriend, dad, etc. 47:40 - “What’s normal?” Great attitude. 49:08 - “I have a process, and the process begins with a bagel.” 50:36 - That car is just going to be left blocking the street! 1:01:53 - This is like a farce, it’s fab. 1:08:52 - “I’m sort of a feminist.” 1:16:10 - This really sounds like the worst play ever. 1:25:53 - Whaaaaaat! Her boyfriend!


This was an absolute treat.

We only watched it because a) it was a “in cinemas now, rent today” film and b) I have a bit of a crush on old Pootsie.

There’s a hundred words to describe this, artsy, indie, kookie, weird and wonderful, but really you just have to watch it to get the full impact. Poots tells the tale with an incredible accent that I spent the rest of the night imitating, and the footage flips between her current day narration and the Instagrammed story unfolding.

It’s something of a farce, characters getting all twisted and tangled, seemingly unrelated incidents all jarring together to create chaos, and as long as you go with it, it’s a lot of fun with a great cast. Joyful and not taking itself too seriously, there’s plenty to like about this one.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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