Third Person

Published April 19, 2015

Third Person

Film info

  • Title Third Person
  • Director Paul Haggis
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 2hrs 17m
  • Genres Romance, Drama
  • Tagline Life can change at the turn of a page

The film wends its way through three cities and three tales. The various stories, situated in Paris, Rome and New York, are, at first glance, all separate, but Haggis effortlessly makes connections among them as the film unwinds, concentrating on three men and their romantic entanglements.

Background info

Title: Third Person Director: Paul Haggis Year: 2013 Run time: 2hrs 17m

Live blog

0:57 - Those are some genius credits right there. 4:18 - “The thing that he wants, I got, see if he can decode that.” 7:00 - I wouldn’t want the paint on my hand either. Smart kid. 16:26 - The real question is why he’s still in that bar when it’s so awful. 24:58 - It’s interesting, how the language barrier mixes things up. 26:59 - She basically just said the only reason she’s with him is for his Pulitzer. Harsh. 29:16 - Crying on cue, key soap opera requirement. 31:43 - God, Anna is awful. 39:34 - That’s not the behaviour of someone who has a reputation to uphold, crikey! 47:39 - What the heck is that car? It’s fabulously awful! 52:16 - They’re starting to link together a little bit now, but the Italians don’t seem to fit. 54:25 - I mean, it’s awful, but he needs to hear it to get better. 1:03:39 - “I am happy I’m not you.” Ha, you’re not supposed to say that out loud! 1:13:32 - I’m all for encouraging stair use, but not just because you’re having a row. 1:18:57 - A second awesome tiny car. 1:21:30 - Actual battering with a frying pan. 1:35:37 - Bless Liam Neeson for caring about her. 1:44:45 - Liam Neeson, unable to contain his Irish accent, still has to type “color.” 1:59:33 - Yay, Franco’s spicious face! 2:05:44 - He’s almost as good at transcribing as I am.


This one started off okay, and the premise of three intertwining stories, with such a strong cast, felt like a great idea. It quickly went downhill, the middle section dragging as you just waited for something to happen. Many of the characters weren’t particularly sympathetic, I couldn’t stand Anna and the guy in Rome was behaving very oddly.

There’s a twist at the end, one that should have been signalled from a long way out, but I got slightly confused by thinking Mila’s story was also in Paris. Otherwise the hotel room connection would have been more obvious.

So, because it wasn’t clear and it dragged on and in the end it wasn’t a satisfying ending, I feel like this was a waste of what could have been a really clever film.

Rating: 1/5.

Rating: 1 / 5

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