55. Law Abiding Citizen

Published May 15, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Law Abiding Citizen Director: F. Gary Gray Year: 2009 Run time: 1hr 49

Background Info

We found this one by flicking through the new rental releases on iTunes. I hadn’t heard of it and wasn’t sure it looked all that good, but then the trailer had plenty of stuff blowing up, which I love. I was also keen to see Gerard Butler in something, after only ever seeing him in photos with Ms Aniston, and hearing him on the Scott Mills show.

Live Blog

00:01:48 - “Smells nice - is that takeout?” Sounds like our house. ****00:07:50 - Is he allowed to make the deal without asking him first? 00:08:41 - Confiscating a mobile phone. The judge is like a teacher. 00:11:19 - Gerard Butler is not at all a heartthrob in this. 00:12:48 - I don’t think I’ve ever had French toast. 00:13:19 - Julia Child! That’s just freaky. We wouldn’t have known what that meant before. 00:13:48 - That child is just too polite. 00:21:14 - Why was he shooting at the police though? Because of the drugs? 00:22:52 - Puffer fish! 00:26:45 - Just as I was feeling sorry for him, it turns out that he’s worse than anyone. 00:28:07 - 25 pieces! 00:30:14 - I think he might have had help putting those jeans on. 00:38:46 - Hehehe, an actual mattress. 00:42:26 - Ten years is a long time to brush up on your law. 00:49:15 - Is he not going to share with his cellmate? ****00:57:48 - So, we’re about halfway through. Who else can he possibly kill? 01:01:58 - Who is that a statue of on top of the building? 01:03:04 - That is so awesome. But… I’m never answering a phone again. 01:12:38 - The judge and the pretty lady are gone. Women aren’t faring well in this film. 01:14:47 - How come he isn’t wearing orange? ****01:20:04 - Wow! I like exploding things. 01:21:36 - Ah, Philadelphia. I can’t believe it took me over an hour to figure out where they were. 01:25:49 - Why do these old warehouses never have light switches? 01:31:02 - The bomb squad is just one man? 01:32:05 - Why do they want to take him alive? 01:40:42 -Niiiice flame work.


The first few scenes of the film put me right off. Some pretty violent stuff, followed by some law stuff that I didn’t really understand. However, once we got past that, into the real plot of the movie, it was great. Some fabulous acting, although the polite little girl was a bit unnecessary, I think.

Rating: 45

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