Julie & Julia

Published May 8, 2010

Julie & Julia

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  • Year 2009
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A culinary legend provides a frustrated office worker with a new recipe for life in Julie & Julia, the true stories of how Julia Child's (Meryl Streep) life and cookbook inspired fledgling writer Julie Powell (Amy Adams) to whip up 524 recipes in 365 days and introduce a new generation to the magic of French cooking. Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada) co-stars in director Nora Ephron's delicious comedy about joy, obsession and butter. Bon appétit!

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Title: Julie & Julia Director: Nora Ephron Year: 2009 Run time: 2hrs 03

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I always kinda thought a film about blogging would be one of those embarrassing things where they don’t really get it. This film was recommended to me from several sources, though, so I was keen to see how they handled it.

Live Blog

00:00:41 - Nor Ephron did You’ve Got Mail too, right? She’s obsessed with computers! 00:05:29 - It is based on books. I will have to read them. ** **00:07:42 - That seems like the worst job ever. 00:09:09 - I think this film might make me hungry. ****00:13:07 - “I could write a blog. I have thoughts.” 00:14:36 - Yay for blogging! 00:17:07 - Ah. That must be why I’m bad at housework too. ****00:18:53 - What blogging platform comes with a handy countdown thing as well? 00:26:58 - You can’t take a tree on a subway! 00:29:25 - Poached eggs are so gross. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as your first egg experience. 00:30:52 - That’s what happened to me! First comment didn’t really count. 00:33:04 - Hehe! I love the mountain of onion. Surely you would pass out from the fumes. ****00:41:10 - How many lobsters does she need? There’s a thing called running before you can walk. 00:43:49 - We should have spent our Paypal money on lobster. 00:50:14 - She sounds like the woman from ‘Allo ‘Allo! 00:52:27 - Weirdest argument ever. Although it does sound like life in our house. 00:57:38 - It’s Sue Sylvester!! 00:58:32 - Good lord, they are the most annoying pair of sisters ever. 01:05:05 - I have to say he is quite a lovely husband. 01:10:30 - My food would look like that if I cooked it for two and a half hours. I’m not good at the slow cooking. 01:17:30 - The man is smart. He knows how to pull a sickie and cover yourself on your blog too. 01:27:17 - Why don’t they like him? 01:31:19 - “Who has time to be married?” That’s us!! 01:40:34 - I so want to go through a cook book and blog it now. No one would know where I got the idea from, would they? 01:51:26 - Why does she need an advance for a book she’s already written? 01:57:37 - You can’t just leave butter in a museum!


At first, I was in two minds. The Julia Child storyline was annoying, it takes a while to get used to her. I wanted to watch more of the Amy Adams stuff, more cooking please. But then I really got into it and the way the two stories worked together was fabulous. I love, love, loved it. Want to read the books and start cooking more. Yay for blogging!

Rating: 55

Rating: Unrated

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