The Good Doctor

Published January 11, 2015

The Good Doctor

Film info

  • Title The Good Doctor
  • Director Lance Daly
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genres Drama, Thriller, Mystery
  • Tagline Do no harm

Dr Martin Blake, an ambitious young medic, is eager to impress his colleagues and superiors, and when 18 year old Diane is admitted to the hospital with a kidney infection Martin gets a boost of self-confidence when he is able to diagnose her quickly. However, whilst treating her condition his interest in Diane soon becomes romantic. As she starts to recover and is about to be discharged he quickly loses sight of his medical ethics to keep her in the hospital.

Background info

Title: The Good Doctor **Director: **Lance Daly Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 33m

Live blog

6:15 - It’s all so shiny and white in this hospital. 7:22 - “Is it possible to get our ID picture retaken?” Been there! 10:13 - Aw, he replaced the old bag. 13:23 - You’re supposed to be nice to the nurses, I learnt that from Scrubs. 17:12 - “I wasn’t the most popular guy in school, and now I’m a doctor.” 20:36 - She asks a lot of questions. 23:43 - So awkward to invite the doctor round. Just… awkwardness! 24:46 - She’s such a golddigger. 28:28 - Surely she’d notice that the picture was missing. 32:43 - We like to play guess the country, but they aren’t showing much of the bigger picture. 39:32 - It’s hard to sleep in a hospital, so I’m surprised she could sleep through his visit. 46:12 - Well now he’s ruining two patients lives. That’s not on at all, if any of it was. 48:29 - “If I do my job right…” Except he isn’t. 54:29 - Coveting a Mercedes isn’t unusual. 1:01:27 - Ooh, that opening her eyes bit is spooky. 1:09:11 - Scrubs maketh the doctor. 1:14:02 - Ooh, eyeing up the wine glasses again. 1:19:45 - I guess being a doctor means you can have a good excuse for crawling over someone just for the moment you’re discovered.


We saw the trailer for this one a long time ago and then it just completely fell off our radar. Browsing through Netlfix brought it back to our attention and I was keen to see what Orlando was capable of when not being a pirate or an elf.

It was a really interesting film, quiet and moody, creepy and intense, although ultimately slightly unbelievable. You hope that doctors aren’t capable of doing the things that he is, and you sort of have to think it’s just a story or you might never go to a hospital ever again.

Having said that, I thought he did a good job portraying the off-kilter but not totally psychotic doctor, and even though he was being completely hideous, it was sort of understandable. The story came to a slightly abrupt and irritatingly abstract ending, part of me wishes they could have had the guts to go with the daydream, but otherwise I thought it was a brilliantly unsettling watch.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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