Published November 27, 2014


Film info

  • Title Rudderless
  • Director William H. Macy
  • Year 2014
  • Run time 1hr 45m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Music
  • Tagline The way back begins with a single chord

Sam, a former high-profile ad executive, is devastated by the sudden death of his musician son. When Sam discovers a box filled with his son's demo tapes, the grieving father's downward spiral comes to a standstill as he explores this unexpected gift. After mustering the will to perform one of the songs at a local bar, Sam meets and forms a friendship with Quentin, a young musician. The unlikely duo forms a rock band that becomes a local sensation, and they set out on an emotional musical journey that ultimately revitalises both of their lives.

Background info

Title: Rudderless Director: William H. Macy Year: 2014 Run time: 1hr 45m

Live blog

2:36 - His dorm room is surprisingly quiet with no soundproofing. 6:16 - That news helicopter is so loud! 9:36 - That is an amazing house he lives in! He better not ditch it for some feel-good cabin or something. 14:28 - Oh, it’s a boat, not a cabin. Bah. 17:05 - The woman from Big Bang Theory! With a small guitar thing! 20:04 - $200,000! That’s an expensive miracle. 23:16 - A wise nod and a thumbs up and you can get away with not listening. 25:57 - Woah, he put the shot actually in the big glass? 29:00 - It’s wrong to laugh that he just rode straight into a parked car, but still. Funny. 32:50 - He showers once a week? 35:18 - Quentin’s amazing, he only heard that song once! 38:30 - “Are you launching the space shuttle?” 41:52 - Morpheus is like the best music shop owner ever. 47:50 - I’m not convinced I would do well in a band. All that putting together and dismantling. Boring. 51:01 - Title alert. 1:03:11 - They can make The Wheels on the Bus sound good? Weird. 1:08:43 - “You really grew into it, though.” 1:14:33 - Morpheus driving an RV is amazing. 1:26:24 - “I don’t know your story, man, all I know is what I read.” 1:33:26 - Well, his advice has actually improved from the start of the film.


I really, really enjoyed this. It was hard to watch at first, sad of course, and I felt bad for really envying the guy in his previous life and not so much how he lived afterwards. However, as a story it was well-paced, with a couple of good twists, and more than anything, it had Morpheus trying to manoeuvre an RV. There’s really not a lot to dislike about it.

If I had to go with anything, it would be with Selena Gomez, who was barely in it and really wasn’t a strong or good character. So… maybe it was a good thing she wasn’t in it much. The kid, Quentin, was fabulous and I thought Billy Crudup held the stage and screen fantastically. Great film.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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