48. Couples Retreat

Published April 27, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Couples Retreat Director: Peter Billingsley Year: 2009 Run time: 1hr 53

Background Info

Sometimes what you need of an evening is a good old romantic comedy. It’s hard to tell what’s going to be good and what will be awful, but Vince Vaughn can be great and the trailer looked good.

Live Blog

00:00:19 - A good song to start a film. I feel like this needs more Paul Rudd and it hasn’t even started yet. ****00:05:03 - People shouldn’t call their boyfriends daddy. Ever. ****00:10:27 - She’s from Sex & The City. Yay for Charlotte! ****00:13:14 - Who makes a powerpoint about an impending divorce? Graphs and everything. 00:16:26 - How do you get a babysitter for two weeks? 00:19:09 - It’s all very well having a gun by your bed but don’t you get into trouble if you shoot even a burglar? 00:21:20 - Do the other couples have to pay to go along? Cos if it was a free trip, I’d be right there. 00:22:21 - That’s the cutest kid ever, right? 00:24:04 - “This is like a screensaver!” 00:28:11 - Smiles is not a good currency. ****00:34:42 - It’s the only French man in the world! 00:38:02 - “Dormant relaxed muscle” is a great description. 00:44:09 - This therapist seems a lot less positive than the others. Poor Vince. ****00:58:05 - A shark attack puts you in an elite group, apparently. ****01:09:11 - How do they make it snow inside? 01:14:48 - This is going to end in disaster. 01:22:26 - That Salvador fella has an okay body but he isn’t very attractive. 01:24:00 - All of that beautiful island to play with and they’d rather put on Guitar Hero. 01:25:52 - How did he carry the money without it getting wet? ****01:29:44 - The abandoned Starbucks! 01:31:47 - Twitter gets a mention in a film! 01:38:19 - Why doesn’t he just stay and watch the show with her? Letting go of the controlling nature would help. 01:43:53 - Honestly, someone’s got to clean all that up!


I really enjoyed this. It was clearly not meant to be taken at all seriously, and was essentially some pretty people running around a tropical island - falling out and making up. It was funny, though, more than I’d expected, and it wasn’t really too slushy either. Win-win!

Rating: 45

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