47. The Invention of Lying

Published April 26, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: The Invention of Lying Director: Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson Year: 2009 Run time: 1hr 39

Background Info

I’d seen the trailer for this film about ten times, so I figured I would just have to knuckle down and watch it. Mr C and I were having a film evening and a bit of comedy seemed like the right thing to do.

Live Blog

00:01:05 - I like that as a start. He knows we don’t read the credits. 00:02:04 - He might have just given away a plot spoiler there! 00:04:29 - Why would you bother going on a date with someone if you were going into it with that attitude? 00:06:31 - It feels like she’s not just telling the truth but is also saying everything that pops into her head. Completely crazy. 00:06:59 - Fish tacos always sound so gross. 00:07:40 - I bet this was quite embarrassing to film. To talk about him like that. 00:08:59 - Best coke ad ever! 00:09:30 - Did they have to ask Coke to do that? 00:11:06 - Best Pepsi ad ever! 00:15:00 - In a world where acting was just reading out loud, I would do pretty well! ****00:21:16 - Ugh, I don’t like the trip through his brain. 00:22:59 - He invented lying… and the overdraft. 00:23:29 - How do you explain lying? 00:26:22 - Weirdest use of “think of the children” ever. 00:30:47 - Surely fixing a game involves an element of lying? ********00:43:38 - It’s Steven! 00:46:32 - One place you don’t want hideous honesty is in the hospital. ****00:50:42 - She’d better not have her shoes on the sofa. That’s not allowed. ****00:59:01 - Tough crowd! 01:03:39 - I can see NASA spending millions on that. 01:28:05 - I’m a PC! 01:29:19 - I like that the mural has the pizza boxes in it. 01:33:33 - Does she suddenly just understand lying? Or is she just happy to accept it?


It’s fair to say that Ricky Gervais basically plays one character - someone who is pretty smart and generally quite bemused by everyone around him. When he’s doing that, he does it well. The premise of the film is good, the religious part of it was a bit much for me, but it was pretty amusing.

Rating: 45

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